Dancing for weight loss

There is not much left before the summer, so now any girl is only interested in one question – how to manage to lose weight and regain her ideal shape. Of course, during the winter, many became lazy, did not go in for sports, ate and rested, so it is very difficult to immediately lose all those extra pounds. Many go on diets, torture their bodies in fitness clubs. Is it worth it? When you can lose weight and have fun at the same time. And it’s all about one thing – dancing.

Each of us loves to dance: some are engaged professionally in circles, others love to light up in nightclubs, and still others dance at home so that no one sees them. In any case, I dance, you lose weight.

So, let’s take a closer look. Stop worrying and doing “self-eating”. When you’re nervous, your body craves endorphins, in other words, happy hormones. Often the solution to this problem is sweets. By eating cake, you naturally improve your mood, but also increase your weight.

It is much easier and more pleasant to turn on your favorite music, close your eyes and just dance for your pleasure. You have no idea how much endorphin your body produces during dance moves. Thus, with the help of dance, you will cure your soul of depression and save your body from excess calories.

Forget about your fear. Very often, girls refuse to go dancing in any section just because they are afraid to be out of their element. Do not worry. Now there are a lot of clubs, a huge number of sections with different age categories. Search for your taste. The main thing is to have a desire.

Look for yourself. Often, choosing a certain style of dancing, a person opens up in a new way. Perhaps, until this time, you did not even know about your hidden abilities. Let’s discuss which dance style is right for you.

Classical ballroom dancing is grace. Girls involved in this type of dance are very easy to identify by their posture … proud, royal. The advantage of ballroom dancing is excellent plasticity and, of course, strong long legs.

For any woman, pelvic health is important. This is where samba or belly dancing comes in handy. They will also help to remove extra pounds on the stomach. Tighten the figure, improve the waist of the hips.

If you want your hand movements to be soft and smooth, flamenco is the way to go.

The most effective, but also the most demanding, street dances. Here you will lose a lot of extra pounds, but you will have to sweat a lot. So think about it. Can you handle constant training?

The most fashionable trend of our time is erotic dance, which improves the flexibility of the body, increases the girl’s self-confidence and enhances femininity.

Do not forget about Irish dances, which, like street dances, will speed up the process of losing weight. If you are a fan of Latin American, then you can not worry about the endurance of your body.

Remember the main rule – any dance can be learned. If you do not have free time, and you cannot give yourself a couple of hours to go to the dance section, then the issue can be solved very simply – dance at home.

Now there are a lot of video lessons on the Internet, dance films specially shot by the most famous directors (for example, a 45-minute lesson film from the creators of “Street Dances” / “You Got Served”)… The main thing is that you have a desire to practice. And don’t overdo it. Usually in the first lesson everyone tries to do much more than is allowed. Thus, you will only ruin your health. Increase the load gradually, then the result will not keep you waiting.

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