Dark manicure 2018-2019: new items

Nail design made in dark colors is one of the main trends of this season, which is proved by the large number of photos presented on the Internet with examples of such a manicure. Indeed, in addition to the fact that dark colors on nails always look very impressive and expensive, besides, they are also harmoniously combined with other palettes, as well as nail art techniques. Therefore, let’s get acquainted together with the latest innovations in the nail design segment, as well as the original dark manicure ideas presented later in our article.

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Trendy dark shades

Dark colors in themselves look very noble, due to which the design of nails in this palette is considered one of the most win-win options.


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However, no less attention should be paid to fashion trends, among which are the most popular shades in 2018.

Beautiful dark manicure design

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  • Black. The leader of the dark palette, which is most often used not only in monochrome, but also in combination with other colors. The combination in the design of black with gold, white and red, as well as all kinds of accessories, looks especially impressive.

  • Burgundy and wine shades. Very rich and beautiful tones that look not only fashionable, but also very expensive. In addition, they are very self-sufficient and do not require any additional decor in the design.

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Important! The trend of this season is Marsala manicure with a matte finish.


This season’s trendy color is Marsala.

  • “Chocolate“. All shades of brown on the nails look elegant and catchy. Another advantage is their versatility, as the brown scale fits perfectly into any style and combines with other palettes.

  • Purple. Saturated and deep color, which has been at the peak of fashion trends for more than a year. This palette gained its popularity in nail design not only due to its beautiful appearance, but also due to its ease of use, due to which an elegant and elegant manicure is obtained as a result.

  • Green. The most popular shades today are emerald and khaki, which look harmoniously on nails of any length and shape. In addition, due to their versatility, these shades are perfectly combined with other colors, thereby creating an unusual design.

  • Dark blue. A truly “royal” color, which succinctly fits both in evening and everyday manicure and allows its owner to stand out among others.

Stylish manicure with a dark blue base

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  • Gray. Despite the fact that many consider the gray range to be very unremarkable, it is still a trend this season. A matte finish or an abundance of rhinestones and sparkles are the “faithful companions” of a gray manicure, thanks to which a very effective design is obtained as a result.

Fashionable manicure design ideas in dark colors

Nail design in dark colors is at the peak of popularity today, so nail art masters come up with new options for designing nails, among which the ideas below are the most original.

  • cat eye“. A simple and at the same time effective design that looks most harmonious in a dark palette, since it is on it that the pattern is clearly visible. In addition, the “cat’s eye” decorative coating can be used both to create accents with highlighting just a few nails, and as the basis of the entire manicure.

  • Drawings. Without them, certainly not a single design can do, including those made in a dark palette. The main thing is to remember that dark colors in themselves are very effective, so in order not to overload the design as a whole, the drawings should be as simple as possible. Mostly, these are geometric patterns, monograms or abstraction, applied to the base in a contrasting color or top.

Stylish geometric motifs

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  • Dark night”. Another simple design, the meaning of which is to apply a blue black decorative coating to the surface of the nail, which is then slightly lightened with small sparkles. Thus, the result is the effect of the starry sky, which is extremely relevant today in nail art.

  • Emerald ombre. Fashionable manicure, which will be appreciated by bright personalities. It is based on a stretch of green, starting from the darkest and ending with light shades. Both matte and glossy top will help to complement such a gradient.

Emerald ombre

  • Broken glass“. The effect of colored glass, located on the nail in a chaotic manner, is so fond of fashionistas that it can already be considered a classic. This design looks beautiful on any color coating, but the combination of a black backing and gold-colored “glasses” is considered the most unusual, as can be seen in the photos presented in our selection.

  • brown jacket. An amazing design consisting of a dark brown underlay with a matte finish, over which a line of “smile” is laid out in a more intense color with a glossy top. This manicure looks especially impressive on short square or oval nails.

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Important! Brown manicure is just made for inlay with rhinestones, so when experimenting with designs in this palette, do not forget about these colored pebbles.


Chocolate manicure with rhinestones

  • Imitation chocolate bar. Texture and volume in manicure design is one of the latest trends of the upcoming 2019. Therefore, in addition to the standard modeling, the nail art masters decided to please the sweet tooth and offered to create square hollows on the nail, characteristic of a favorite chocolate bar.

“Delicious” marigolds

In addition, this design goes well not only with beige and brown, but also with gold, as well as burgundy.

  • mat + gloss. The most fashionable technique for today is the combination of different textures in one design, made on a dark substrate. In addition to the standard alternation of nails, the novelty of the season was the painting of the plate with glossy monograms over a matte finish. Another option is the simultaneous combination of several nail art techniques. For example, in a moon manicure, the hole can be made glossy, while the base can be covered with a matte finish.

  • With broths. Creative and unusual design, which is based on the use of broths of the same color, but in different shades. Bouillons, starting from the darkest color and ending with light ones, are alternately applied to each nail plate, thereby forming a kind of gradient stretch on the hand….

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