Delicate knitted manicure

A knitted pattern manicure is a unique achievement in the world of nail art, which can definitely be considered successful. This technique, having barely seen the light, immediately fell in love with millions of women around the world. She became the number one winter manicure and entered the beauty industry for a long time. Isn’t that a reason to talk about her right now?

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What is a knitted manicure?

In simple terms, a knitted manicure is the application of three-dimensional patterns to the nail, the interweaving of which resembles knitting from woolen threads. If everything is done correctly, then as a result the master should get a cozy winter pattern that will fit perfectly even on short nails.

Nice and neat manicure

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Important! In order to get a three-dimensional drawing, it is necessary to use gel polish. But acrylic or ordinary varnish for knitted patterns will not work.


How to make a knitted manicure at home?

Is it possible to make a knitted manicure at home? Definitely yes, especially if you have experience and the necessary equipment (in this case we are talking about an ultraviolet or LED lamp). Well, then it’s all a matter of technology.

  • To begin with, put the nail plate in order, remove the remnants of the old manicure from it, if any, and level the surface. This is necessary if you will do nail-art in light colors. After all, as you know, in this case, any irregularities are very clearly visible.
  • Next, we perform standard manipulations: we give shape to the nail, process the cuticles, degrease.
  • Now apply a base on the nail so that the coating lasts as long as possible.
  • The next step is to apply the base color that you like. Paint your nails with gel polish evenly so that the surface looks flawless. Then dry everything under the lamp.
  • Then we complete the process by applying the desired knitted pattern. If you do not know how to do this, then be sure to refer to step-by-step photo instructions that will show you interesting techniques for such a pattern.

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Important! It is necessary to apply a knitted decor with a thin brush for painting nails. And the main material for this will be acrylic powder or flock (velvet sand).

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The main types of knitted manicure

If you are seriously interested in the design of a beautiful knitted manicure, then it would not be out of place to find out what kind it is..

  • flat knit. This type of decor in this segment is the simplest. To create it, you do not need to display voluminous and intricate drawings at all. It is enough just to use a sticker in the form of a knitted pattern and enjoy fashionable nail art.

    The easiest version of a knitted manicure that is easy to repeat at home

  • The most popular – volume velvet pattern. In order to get a cozy winter design that literally captured the minds of fashionistas, you need to work hard. For a beginner, the manicure technique with acrylic powder or flock will not succumb immediately. But, if you still achieve your goal, the result can be very interesting.
  • 3D– knitting. Also, the technique is not for beginners, but in the end you can get just an amazing effect. The main feature of this nail art is that only professionals can do such a manicure, because it is created using a modeling thick varnish, which you need to be able to work with. Everything should be extremely careful here, as any flaws will be visible.

  • Knitted manicure with a glossy effect. If you want to get not the usual matte, but a glossy effect, then use the following technique. After applying the volumetric pattern, in the final coat all nails with a layer of glossy top coat. After, remove the sticky layer. It is in this case that you will get the same glossy effect.

  • Matte effect. To get a matte knitted manicure, use the technique that we described above. Only this time the final touch will be not a glossy, but a matte top.

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Important! If you want to achieve the maximum effect of wool knitting, then do not rush to dry the second, patterned layer to dryness, but simply sprinkle it abundantly with velvet sand (flock). This is how craftsmen get this cozy winter design.


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Types of patterns for knitted manicure

To create a fashionable manicure with a knitted pattern, it is enough to master at least one of the proposed techniques. And to make it as easy as possible, use the step-by-step photo.

  • pigtails. There can be several options for such a pattern: classic pigtail, fishtail, reverse. But, if you are not a professional, then you should start with the classics. After all, even a schoolboy can draw an ordinary pigtail. And for convenience and accuracy of performance, first try to draw a braid of the desired length and width on a piece of paper. And only when you get an acceptable option, transfer it all to your nails.
  • Scandinavian design. A knitted pattern in the Scandinavian style is a great option for the New Year 2019. The main thing here is to guess with a combination of colors. However, everything is extremely simple. An actual New Year’s design can be created by mixing white and red gel polishes. What does Scandinavian design imply? First of all, these are: angular snowflakes, dots, deer and zigzags, which are often found in northern ornaments. (sample 1)
  • Herringbone. Another pattern that is relevant for the New Year holidays. In principle, everything is simple here, it is enough just to draw lines on the nails that resemble spruce branches. And don’t forget to leave some space between them so that the drawing doesn’t look loaded.
  • Rhombus. Perfect pattern for long nails. With sufficient skill, it is quite simple to depict rhombuses on the nails in the form of knitting. However, in order for this pattern to look beautiful, it is necessary to imagine its location on the nail even before application. Indeed, in order for it to look harmonious, no less than three rhombuses should fit on one nail.
  • Thematic drawings with knitted patterns. To create a New Year’s manicure with knitted patterns, it is enough to include only a little imagination. So, on the eve of the holidays, such design ideas as: mittens, bears in hats (sample 2), hearts and even watches will be especially popular. The latter type of decor is new and is just gaining momentum in popularity. Therefore, if you choose nail-art data for the New Year, you can be sure that you will not lose.

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Important! As for the color scheme, pastel shades are most often chosen to create knitted patterns: peach, pink, white, …

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