Delicate manicure 2018-2019: design ideas

Today, in 2018, a gentle manicure is very relevant, and fashion trends dictate different techniques for its implementation and combinations, you can see the most beautiful options for it in the photo in our article. At the moment, there are many interesting and unusual ideas that are ideal for the beautiful half of humanity of any age. Delicate tones of varnish look great on short or long nails.

Blue jacket and geometric patterns

What is chosen this season?

Beautiful lace patterns in manicure

Fashionable gentle manicure 2018-2019 provides for natural shades of pastel colors. The most requested colors are:

  • all shades of blue;
  • lilac has become fashionable not only on the nails, but also in the clothes of beauties;
  • classic white without additional halftones;
  • calm beige (from “champagne splash” to sandy);
  • soft pink (not to be confused with acid pink);
  • gray (from warm tones to cold steel).

Beautiful transitions from sand to blue

Gentle manicure in smoky colors

[stextbox id=’info’]Whatever the young ladies choose, it is important to choose the right colors among themselves. An incorrect tone ratio can lead to a ridiculous result. Before applying a varnish coating, it is necessary to consult with a manicure master.[/stextbox]

Bright and at the same time gentle manicure

stained glass drawing

Actual ideas for fashionistas

Monochromatic coating is not the only technique used by craftsmen. With the advent of gel polish, a beautiful nail design can only be limited by the imagination of the craftswoman. Gentle manicure for the winter of 2018 – 2019 is more relevant than ever. Fashion trends of the season can be seen in the photo in our article.

Nice design with stripes

Novelties in manicure for short and long nails today are different. Geometric shapes – starting from thin, almost invisible lines, a proportional pattern is created. Squares, regular triangles, rhombuses are made for everyday manicure. If you add glitter decor to the picture, then you can show off your nails at the holiday. Professional stylists advise combining bed tones with one bright accent, one or two short stripes.


The combination of different textures in a gentle manicure

Flowers – many masters overestimate the meaning of this word and put completely unimaginable combinations on their nails. This season, the trend is to use delicate shades in decorating. Spring, with its timid tread, is always fresh and capricious – so the flowers on the fingers should convey spring mood and lightness (for example, snowdrops). It is better to save poisonous phantasmagoria for New Year’s Eve.

Delicate manicure with flowers in watercolor technique

Delicate and at the same time bright patterns on a neutral coating

White and pink ombre and butterfly

Rhinestones – small droplets of water, shimmering with all shades of the rainbow on the delicate fingers of a fashionista, look playful and coquettish. Most importantly, do not put them in packs on your hands. There must be a measure in everything. A stylish print with several small pebbles should emphasize the taste of the owner of the manicure. An overabundance of shiny elements, on the contrary, will make a provincial out of an elegant lady.

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Delicate beige manicure with rhinestones

Matte manicure with rhinestones

French – a classic of gentle coverage, still remains in the lead. It is suitable for women of any age, looks very good on short or medium nails. At the same time, it requires well-groomed hands without calluses and burrs.

Delicate jacket with rhinestones

French and stencil drawing

[stextbox id=’info’]Acrylic powder – creates the effect of velvet on the fingers, emphasizes the originality of the hostess. Experienced craftsmen can create a real masterpiece using this coating technique.[/stextbox]

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Gentle nude version of nail art

Matte finish – be careful with this new product. Before applying the coating on your hands, take a look at the examples on the Internet. Some options are downright tasteless.

Fashionable matte manicure

Monochrome lacquer – the secret lies in the fact that you can apply a different color on each finger. It is important not to forget that warm tones do not combine with cold ones. Even the use of one delicate color looks spectacular on well-groomed hands, does not catch the eye of others.

The thinnest lace and plain coating

Ombre – this year, professionals suggested combining bed tones to create a manicure. Previously, saturated colors were often used.

Spectacular ombre

[stextbox id=’info’]A gentle manicure harmoniously matches a strict business look, it is relevant as a wedding option (for example, you can use lace as a decor).[/stextbox]

Bright and delicate watercolor in manicure

For young and dynamic

Delicate design with mother-of-pearl overflows

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The year 2018 was marked by the emergence of many mirror techniques. Although it appeared a few years ago, this season the mirror design has become especially popular. To obtain the result, several coating options are used:

  • “casting” – an additional layer of gel polish is applied;
  • foil – a special material is used that is similar in structure to foil. It is attached to the nail plate with a specific glue and covered with a layer of colorless varnish or a fixative;
  • thermal film or minx procedure – the film is heated with an ultraviolet lamp or a hair dryer. Then the material is attached to the nails, the remnants are removed with a nail file;
  • mirror powder is added to the varnish;
  • the easiest option is to purchase a varnish with a reflective effect.

Mirror foil inserts in a gentle manicure

All techniques can be done at home. Looks good on nails of different lengths. When adding an ornament of pastel colors, a solemn manicure is created. For lovers of an active and dynamic lifestyle – a mirror finish, the best option for the winter of 2018-2019.

Delicate New Year’s manicure design

What is suitable for girls with long nails?

Lovers of long nails should remember that not every pattern will look harmonious. It is recommended to combine transparent varnishes with products of not flashy shades in the pattern. You can use lunar technology or aquarium. French manicure and ombre work well. Do not use a lot of decorative details.

Delicate manicure and aquarium design

Ombre and kamifubuki

What is suitable for girls with short nails?

You can create an interesting design on short nails, there are much fewer restrictions. But don’t forget a few rules:

  • to combine several colors, you should use contrasting tones;
  • do not apply a lot of additional details, you should choose lace or vertical elements;
  • allowed the use of different styles of application.

Neat jacket with a pattern on short nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Short nails in 2018…

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