Delicate manicure 2023

Delicate manicure 2023 is the perfect choice for elegant ladies with good taste. The best ideas for this design – especially for you!


Delicate nude manicure 2023 is expectedly popular with fashionistas due to its versatility and aesthetics. This season, the laconic palette borders on the direction of minimalism – that is, a simple design with a minimum of decor is welcome. We offer you to see photo ideas of gentle manicure in nude style 2023.


A smooth transition of romantic shades is the next trendy idea for the embodiment of a feminine manicure in 2023. Pastel shades of the same temperature will create a delicate and practical design.

With accent drawings

Fashionable manicure 2023-2024 is often performed on the basis of a combination of a monochromatic coating with accent patterns on several nails. Abstract motifs are especially in demand this season.

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An actual idea for a gentle nail design in the 2023 season will also be drawings with hearts. The charming print in red is beautifully combined with nude polish.

With sweat

A win-win technique for increasing the relevance and effectiveness of manicure is the addition of potal decor. The gold foil pieces resemble gold leaf and look expensive. In the gentle design of manicure 2023, the potal will make friends with the cobweb, abstract patterns and texture design.


Natural textures on the nails are the key manicure trend of the 2023 season. A marble motif in a light palette will ideally fit into the delicate style. It is fashionable to complement characteristic stains with delicate accents of glitter or sweat – a stylish touch of an elegant manicure.

polka dots

The adorable polka dot print will not only create the cutest nail art, but also promises to be in line with the 2023 manicure trends. The print can be placed on all or several accent nails.

It is noteworthy that the actual polka dot motif can be created independently using improvised means. Dots on the nails are easily embodied with dots, a toothpick or a ballpoint pen.


French manicure 2023 is a classic of the genre when creating feminine and practical nail designs. The usual technique will only benefit from the addition of fashion trends – sweating or rubbing, floral or abstract patterns.

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A close relative of French – moon nail design – also looks great in a gentle style. In the 2023 season, it is important to experiment with the color of the hole, combining the color scheme with a translucent nude base.

With pastel colors

Pastel nail polish colors 2023 are the perfect choice for a delicate manicure. Beige, blue, muted green, pink, lilac and lemon shades are in the top of the trends. The matte top at the end of the manicure adds a special nobility to the pastel palette.

with sequins

If you want to add showiness and radiance to a delicate manicure, use glitter. Add sparkling accents to the tips of your nails or add glitter to your design to create a trendy delicate manicure.

Rubbing is another 2023 trend that does not contradict the style of delicate nail art. A special coating will add a delicate shine and elegance to the coating.

With flowers

Floral patterns on the nails always look feminine and gentle, and in the 2023 season they are also in line with fashion trends. Use pastel shades to create a romantic design.

Manicure with flowers 2023 looks stylish in the current “different hands” technique. To embody such a trend is simple – you need to combine the pattern with a plain coating that will harmonize in color.

Another fashionable embodiment of floristry in manicure is graceful twigs. Minimalistic drawings look beautiful with a contrasting coating.

Delicate nails of the 2023 season demonstrate an aesthetic and concise design without piling up decor. Attractive simplicity ensures that the manicure will fit into any outfit and become its stylish decoration.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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