Delicate nude manicure: 10 fashion ideas

The motto of 2019 is naturalness and naturalness in everything. Therefore, nude manicure this fall will be in demand more than ever. In our selection, you will find photos of the 10 most stylish and original ideas that will become a win-win option for both everyday and festive nail art.

fashion nud style

Nude colors in manicure are universal and always appropriate. They give the image of femininity and elegance, sensuality and tenderness. Translated from English, the word “nude” means naked, so nude shades are those that are close to skin color.

Perfect natural shade

Despite its restraint, a nude manicure can be quite original, so any fashionista will be satisfied with the resulting nail art.


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Features of nude manicure

Nails with such a simple and concise design look great in tandem with clothes of any stylistic direction. Calm and discreet colors emphasize the natural attractiveness of the hands, allowing you to make the image elegant and sophisticated.

Nude nail design

Since naturalness is considered the main trend of 2019, the most fashionable will be a nude manicure for short and medium-length nails (the length of the nail plate is not more than 4-6 mm). As for the shape, oval, almond-shaped and square nails with rounded corners will look best.

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Nude manicure on short nails

And in order for the manicure to look 100%, you need to take care of the appearance of the handles, nails and cuticles. It is best to put a European or classic edged manicure as the basis of a nude design.

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Trendy colors

Nude manicure is based on delicate beige and flesh shades of varnishes. It perfectly complements evening looks without dragging the blanket over itself. Due to its naturalness, nude goes well with office outfits, suitable for going to work and school.

nude shades

Fashion trends in 2019 dictate their own rules, in accordance with them for nude manicure it is best to choose coffee-milk, beige, peach, flesh, yellowish or pale pink shades, as close as possible to skin color. The photo below shows examples of the correct choice of shade.

Nude color according to skin tone

  • Idea #1. Nud looks interesting in combination with a brown and golden palette. Moreover, on dark skin, such shades will look as natural as possible.

nude with gold

[stextbox id=’warning’]Of course, these are far from all the fashionable shades that can be found on nude nails, because modern trends are quite democratic and practically do not limit girls in their choice.[/stextbox]

Trendy “matte”

  • Idea #2. To bring zest to the image, nude manicure can be reproduced not only on a glossy, but also on a matte surface.

The combination of these techniques in one manicure looks very interesting. Using the game of textures, masters create real masterpieces.

Matte nude

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Stylish rhinestones

  • Idea #3. A nude manicure, complemented by neat pebbles for one or two fingers, will look gentle and attractive.

The best ideas for nails with rhinestones can be seen in the photo below. Such an addition will give the image solemnity, make it more luxurious.

Nude manicure with rhinestones

Classic french

French has long become synonymous with femininity and tenderness. Nude shades and jacket seem to be made for each other.

  • Idea #4. The photo below shows a classic design with a white edge, made using pastel colors.

Stylish nude jacket

  • Idea #5. It looks interesting manicure, where the jacket is complemented by a neat picture.

Classic jacket with a pattern

Also, the nud jacket goes well with rhinestones and glitter.

Stylish nude jacket with rhinestones

  • Idea #6. The moon jacket looks no less attractive and natural.

Today, the combination of a hole with a classic version is extremely relevant. Especially popular with fashionistas is a manicure with a hole highlighted with glitter or made using the negative space technique.

Lunar jacket combined with negative space technique

Interesting print

  • Idea #7. Flowers, patterns, geometric shapes and other pictures allow you to make the image original and romantic, give a positive charge for the whole day.

Nude manicure with floral print and sand

Interestingly, such a design, even when all the nails are involved, does not overload the image at all, allowing you to create a themed manicure depending on the time of year and the upcoming event.

Nude with floral motifs

For example, snowflakes, Christmas trees and snowmen on nails are perfect for winter, while delicate tulips will speed up the arrival of spring.

Nude manicure with snowflakes is the best solution for the winter and for the New Year

To create a gentle and at the same time spectacular image, you can try voluminous pictures, they will give the handles extra chic.

Trendy and stylish nude with 3D pattern

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting thematic pictures will favorably distinguish a fashionista from the crowd, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Nude manicure will not tolerate overload! Therefore, when creating a picture, you should choose calm colors, applying them to one or two nails.[/stextbox]

For a solemn occasion

The nude nail design is the perfect solution for any celebration, be it a wedding, first call, graduation or party. Moreover, the color scheme and style of the image are completely unimportant.

Nude nails with a beautiful pattern

[stextbox id=’info’]Neat almond-shaped nails, natural shades and sophisticated design – this is quite enough to emphasize the perfect taste and sense of style of the owner.[/stextbox]

  • Idea #8. The beginning of autumn is the wedding season. Nude nail art with a mirror effect – new this year – is an excellent solution for creating the perfect image of the bride.

mirror effect

Such a manicure is done using special varnishes or rubbing.

Nude manicure with rubbing

  • Idea #9 For a festive event, for example, on September 1, schoolgirls and teachers can try broken glass nail art.

Such a design on a soft pink base will look elegant, but at the same time not trite.

Nude manicure in the technique of “broken glass”

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trendy gradient

  • Idea #10. Nude manicure also looks great in the ombre technique.

Neat transitions from lighter to darker shades allow you to create an attractive manicure, give the image mood and charm.

nude ombre

The gradient that starts from the middle of the nail looks interesting. As well as a gentle transition from…

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