Delicate pastel manicure

Despite the fact that a bright manicure is not going to give up its positions, pastel-colored nails are rapidly winning the hearts of fashionistas around the world. Why? Look at the photo. The nail design in a delicate palette is extremely versatile, which allows it to fit into any fashionable bow, complement a casual, business, as well as a solemn look.

Delicate manicure in pastel colors

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The benefits of pastel manicure

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In addition to its versatility and practicality, light manicure has a number of undeniable advantages over any other palette:

  • indispensable for creating elegant feminine images;
  • gives the fingers a well-groomed appearance;
  • featuring the basis for any decor;
  • original and will be to the taste of any girl.

Universal and natural manicure

But the main advantage of a trendy manicure in pastel colors is that it will never go out of style. In this article, girls will find photos of stylish and original ideas that will turn classic delicate shades into a trendy and trendy manicure in 2019.


Fashion shades

To create a beautiful, and most importantly fashionable manicure this year, you need to choose the right shades. The pastel palette is quite wide, but this fall it is worth giving preference to:

  • delicate blue and turquoise;
  • colorful yellow and orange;
  • exquisite mint;
  • universal beige;
  • feminine pink;
  • stylish grey.

Delicate yellow jacket

Fashionable shades will look great on nails on their own without additional decor, especially if you make a manicure in pastel colors using gel polish. After all, such a coating has an attractive shine, creates additional volume and pleases the eye for several weeks.

Gray ombre – a stylish solution for pastel manicure

If you want to somehow diversify a monochromatic manicure, give it individuality and chic, we suggest that you get acquainted with fashion ideas for creating truly fashionable nails that will certainly attract the attention of others, make the image more vivid and memorable.

Delicate nails with rhinestones – the perfect solution for a wedding celebration

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Matte manicure is a hit of 2019. This design looks especially interesting on nails in pastel colors and the photo below is a clear proof of this.

Beautiful matte nails in soft colors

Matte is very popular on a beige, gray and pink base. The combination with gloss, lace and rhinestones will give the image originality, sophistication and charm.


Ombre manicure is one of the latest inventions of nail art specialists. Today, no one needs to explain what a gradient is on nails, because a smooth transition from one color (pink, blue, beige) to another (most often white) has become a real hit this year.

Beautiful and original ombre

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Fashionistas fell in love and mastered the ombre technique so much that they do manicures even at home.


The gradient technique is extremely versatile, which allows it to be used on pastel bases of various shades, as well as marigolds of any length, even short ones. Pastel ombre can be done in a horizontal and vertical style, in the form of rhombuses or a jacket, complemented by a special adhesive tape, pattern or rhinestones.

Delicate pink ombre


The original drawing is able to give the manicure a special zest. A talented master can depict any picture on the nails, realizing the idea of ​​the customer. If you can’t find such a specialist, or you don’t want to bother much, you can make a manicure with a pattern using special stickers, stencils and stamps.

Drawings on matte nails in a pastel palette

When choosing a picture, you should pay special attention to the trendy animal print (drawings of chanterelles, cats, birds), autumn (leaves, umbrellas) and winter themes, because the thematic decor looks appropriate and attractive.

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It is worth noting that artistic manicure is best done on long nails, so the master will get more space for creativity, and the drawing will turn out to be more expressive.


Stylish drawings on delicate nails

Rhinestones, kamifubuki, glitter

This year, you can use anything that glitters to decorate pastel nails. Rhinestones, kamifubuki and glitter look especially interesting. However, it is important not to overdo it with such a decor, because otherwise a gentle manicure can turn into something bright and tasteless.

Matte gentle manicure with kamifubuki

Based on the photo of a manicure in pastel colors with rhinestones (see below), fashionistas can add a design to their piggy bank:

  • using glitter on one or two fingers;
  • several medium-sized rhinestones decorating the smile area;
  • contrasting kamifubuki or to match the base.


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Remember that the use of different types of “glitters” within the same manicure is strictly prohibited.


Beautiful manicure design


Manicure in this technique looks very unusual. Small “cracks” and “streaks” on a monophonic basis can be made on one nail or all fingers can be covered with “marble”. You can try to make such a manicure at home, armed with a thin brush and varnishes of the desired colors.

Marble pastel manicure

negative space

This is another version of a trendy manicure that has won the hearts of millions of women. Unshaded space gives the image individuality and originality. It is worth taking a closer look at the negative space design, made in combination with geometric motifs, moon manicure, as well as in various pastel colors.

Negative space in gentle tones

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This design is only gaining popularity today. Despite the trend towards everything natural and natural, the “aquarium” finds its customers. Thanks to a special coating, the drawing, previously applied to the nail plate, seems voluminous, and the top creates a glass effect. Most often, this design is bright, but it looks extremely attractive on a pastel manicure.

Manicure aquarium

Other Fashion Ideas

2018 was rich in stylish novelties that flaunted in abundance on the hands of fashionistas. Among them, it is worth highlighting several interesting and original options that you should definitely try on nails in pastel colors.

Aquarium with kamifubuki

  • Lunar jacket – looks elegant and gentle on a delicate manicure, adding to the image of tenderness and wealth.

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