Denim dresses 2019

Denim dresses in 2019 will appeal to every fashionista. This is a stylish and relevant wardrobe item that will suit all girls. Let’s figure out together which models to choose for the next seasons.

Main trends

When choosing the perfect denim dress, you need to follow a few rules. First, pay attention to your own comfort. In 2019, your feelings and comfort are the priority. Fashion designers listen to modern fashionistas, so they create options that are pleasant to the body, not restricting movement. You should not torture yourself with complex combinations, it is better to choose a universal dress that you want to wear every day.

Fashion print 2019 – cage

Denim is more of a sports material that is not suitable for business meetings or important dates. It is better to wear such dresses in everyday life with sneakers or sneakers. Pay attention to unusual details: lace, animalistic or leather inserts are popular today. They will make the image more interesting, add zest.

With sneakers

Models of jeans dresses

Wrap dresses

Stylish denim dresses can be wraparound. This is a fashion trend that suits the owners of any figure. Wrap dresses emphasize the waist well, visually divide the figure into two equal parts. Especially for such a model, it is worth taking a closer look at girls with a rectangular type, an “apple” figure. The smell can be both at the top of the model and at the bottom. This year, the last option is the most popular. In this case, a voluminous, feminine bow is created.

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Note! Combine dresses with strict clutches or barrel bags. Then there will be a balance between voluminous clothes with folds and clear forms of accessories.


shirt dresses

Denim dresses in 2019, according to the photos from the shows, it is fashionable to decorate with rivets, buttons, so you should pay attention to shirt dresses. The upper part is made like a shirt, it has button fasteners. They can be artificial or real, continue to the hem or stop at the waistline. It is better to gird the models with a small leather strap. The options with a pigtail belt look interesting, they create unusual ethnic bows. Since such a dress is classified as a sports style, it is best to wear it with massive sneakers, loafers or sneakers.

Models with ruffles

Models with voluminous frills in the hem area are becoming popular. They make the bow romantic and delicate, so this look is suitable for spring and summer. The model is usually complemented with bare shoulders, knee-length skirt. Do not overload such a dress with additional accessories, jewelry or prints, they will only divert attention from the main element. It is better to choose plain options, frills will perfectly decorate the bow.

Bulky pockets

Big pockets are a practical 2019 trend that many girls will love. The novelty looks unusual, provocative, attracts attention. But you need to buy only that dress, in which the pockets are located in the center, and not on the sides. Such a model can hardly be attributed to a classic or business style, but it is perfect for casual or sports. The styles in which the pockets are made of fabric a few tones darker than the main one look interesting. You can combine a dress with large pockets with ugly sneakers, neckerchiefs or fashionable backpacks.


This is a win-win option that has not gone out of fashion for many years. In 2019, again, many designers turned their attention to A-line denim dresses. The model has a small sleeve, sits perfectly on the shoulders, there are undercuts that emphasize the chest, a loose waistline. After the waist, the dress expands, does not fit tightly around the hips. That is why many girls with a “triangle” figure type choose an A-silhouette: it perfectly hides wide hips. Such a model will balance and balance the figure well. The length should be chosen to the knee, midi or maxi will overload the image.

Tunic dress

The tunic differs from the usual dress in a free cut and a minimum skirt length. It is not advised to wear it on its own, without jeans or trousers. In this case, the image may turn out to be too defiant, open. You can wear a denim tunic under long leggings, or you can wear cycling shorts that are relevant this year. Combining a similar bow, you will definitely be the most fashionable. Feel free to tie a tunic with a leather belt, choose a deep neckline and ¾ sleeves – all this will be as popular as possible in the next seasons.

Combined options

If you are not a fan of denim, but want to stay in trend, you should take a closer look at combined dresses. In them, only one – the lower or upper – parts are made of denim, and the second of ordinary fabric. Models are interesting in which the pleated skirt is made of jeans, and the top is made of floral printed material. This style is the basis of a stylish summer look. Since denim is most often blue, it can be used to create a navy bow. In a dress, denim should be combined with a horizontal stripe or nautical patterns.

Runway fashion 2019

Open shoulders

Off the shoulder denim dresses are a new trend this year. It looks very gentle, but at the same time sexy, because the line of the collarbones opens, the back is shown. The shoulders can be opened in several ways. First, holes can be specially made. Then it turns out that there is a strap and a small sleeve, but there is no “fold” itself. Secondly, the shoulders open when the dress is held exclusively on the chest, there are no straps.

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Actual colors and prints for dresses

It may seem to many that the colors of fashionable denim dresses in 2019 are rather monotonous, limited only to the blue palette. But this is not at all the case, denim is dyed in any color, patterns and various patterns are applied to it.

If you are a lover of the classic color of denim, you can pay attention to sky blue, light blue. These are light, eye-pleasing shades that are easy to combine with almost any color. For example, white, pale pink, peach will emphasize the purity of such tones, and brown, eggplant, on the contrary, will be interesting to contrast.

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To create a solid, thoughtful look, you should use accessories of similar shades – earrings, beads or handbags.


For cold weather, many girls like to choose dark colors – black, dark blue, gray. A dress in these colors will also be a good basis for any look. Such a range should be diluted with bright accents – scarlet, carrot, ultramarine, marsala. Saturated colors will add zest to the bow, so they will suit every girl. Dark denim dresses should be combined with the same accessories, shoes.

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