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Denim history: 5 popular summer models

It is impossible to imagine the summer season without stylish jeans, the various models of which have managed to conquer millions of women around the world. Fashion trendsetters have recognized denim trousers as the most comfortable and versatile clothing that can create incredible looks for any event. Roll-up bananas, flares, skinny jeans, mom, boyfriends and cropped versions with various prints and fading are the real trend of summer 2020.

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Bananas with twists

Banana jeans are a loose fit in the hip area with a high waist and tapering at the bottom. This style is considered one of the most relevant, because it looks great both in full length and with folds. Bananas accentuate feminine shapes and at the same time give a boyish look due to shortened and tucked legs. The free cut helps to hide all the imperfections of the figure and does not restrict movement, which indicates the practicality and convenience of this tailoring. Looks exceptional paired with high-heeled sandals and tucked-in T-shirts and T-shirts.

Bananas with twists


Not in a hurry to say goodbye to the fashion pedestal and flared jeans. Today it is an echo of the 70s and early 2000s, tending to return. As the flare rises to the pinnacle of urban glamour, it’s time to start picking up some extra details to create a stylish look. Airy blouses and tops with ruffles and lace will be perfectly combined with such trousers. And they will complement the image of pumps with stilettos or solid soles.



Skinny jeans perfectly emphasize the female silhouette and beautiful graceful legs, as they completely fit the figure. Stylish skinny jeans are full of an abundance of colors in the new season, which allows you to show your imagination and create a bright and unforgettable set. Due to their simple cut, they can be combined with various styles, ranging from classics to oversized T-shirts.

Skinny jeans


Which season boyfriend jeans occupy honorable trendy places among the fashionable space. With a spacious stylish style, the fair sex is not going to part yet and gladly complement their wardrobe with such clothes. The appearance of jeans is characterized as clothes “from the male shoulder”, noting the low fit and loose fit. Initially, they are sewn slightly shortened, and when worn, it is possible to tuck them. The edges may have a careless fringe, and the model itself may contain scuffs or holes. They go well with light shirts and t-shirts.

boyfriend jeans


These jeans have a distinctive straight cut with a high waist. They originated from the 90s (translated from English. Mom jeans – “mother’s jeans”), when women fought for their rights and comfort. Today it is a successful combination of fashionable bow and convenience. The image in these jeans seems a little shapeless, but quite practical. It is preferable to combine with T-shirts and loose shirts tucked in, which will give the image a relaxed and slightly careless look.

mom jeans

Denim images can be very diverse, which encourages the most daring ideas and bold decisions. Thanks to numerous styles, outfits can be adjusted in such a way that they are suitable for all occasions, whether it is romantic walks or parties with friends, demonstrating style, simplicity, sexuality and sophistication at the same time.

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