Denim jackets – fashion trends for autumn 2020

Fashion trends for autumn 2020 presented denim jackets in a wide variety. In this fresh review, we are just introducing readers to the most relevant models so that each of them can choose the perfect option for themselves!



To create a stylish bow, you can rely on the relevance of an oversized denim jacket. This cut is characterized by a loose fit and a shifted shoulder line – it should give the impression that the outerwear is a couple of sizes too big.

To create a fashionable combination with an oversized jacket, you can support it with a more fitted bottom. Straight-cut jeans or laconic joggers are perfect for this. As a base layer for a denim, a fashionista may prefer a sweatshirt or hoodie.

Stylists emphasize that fashionable loose-cut jackets are perfect for women of fashion with any physique. Women with plus-size parameters will be able to feel comfortable and mask imperfections in such outerwear, and sophisticated ladies will certainly want to emphasize the fragility of their figure with oversized clothes.

With double-breasted collar

The fall 2020 trends also expressed a preference for fashionable denim jackets with a double-breasted turndown collar. Such, at first glance, an insignificant element of outerwear, in fact, perfectly corrects the figure. In practice, a double-breasted collar visually stretches the silhouette and slims. In addition, it looks elegant enough that outerwear can organically fit not only into a street-style bow, but also into a business and conservative look.

Insulated models

Insulated denim jackets have also become a new stylish trend for the 2020 season. The classic version of this model will be presented with a layer of warm sheepskin. Such outerwear quite often departs from the classic cut of jeans and is presented in the form of leather jackets, raincoats or denim sheepskin coats.

New items with fluffy fur inserts also look very original. In such jackets there is not only creativity and glamor, but also a practical mission – they perfectly warm fashionistas in autumn and winter.

Accent sleeves

Fashionistas who want to create really stylish and unique looks for this fall can opt for an original denim jacket with accent sleeves. Most often, in such models, designers rely on voluminous shoulders a la flashlights, which taper to the bottom.

trench coat

With confident steps, the list of fashion trends for the 2020 season also includes elongated denim jackets, made in the style of a coat or trench coat. Such models conquer with their elegance and versatility. In fact, they can be combined with all the clothes that habitually keep the company.

For example, in order to actually wear a denim jacket in this style, you can complement it with a romantic airy dress in delicate colors and massive sneakers. Another stylish idea is to pair it with a cozy turtleneck, high-rise trousers and lace-up boots. This outerwear can also turn into a fashionable completion of the look for work, because it looks advantageous in a pair with a trouser suit.


A denim jacket in 2020 is embodied by many designers in a bomber cut with characteristic cuffs on the sleeves and hem of the product.

Stylists assure that you will not regret if you get a denim bomber jacket because of its excellent practicality. In fashionable looks, such outerwear can be successfully combined not only with the usual jeans and trousers, but also with the most feminine dresses and skirts.

Biker jacket

Among the high-profile novelties of the 2020 season, leather jackets are also announced, which look fresh and non-trivial when made of denim. If you are looking for such a model for the fall, pay attention to outerwear with a layer of sheepskin – this novelty does not care about the cold!

Emphasis on the waist

In addition to oversized denim jackets, models with a belt or belt at the waist are firmly established among the fashionable novelties. However, when choosing such outerwear, you need to be on the lookout so as not to cross the fine line between style and bad taste. In order not to make a mistake, avoid tight and close-fitting styles – the actual emphasis on the waist in the 2020 season is formed on a jacket that sits quite loosely on the figure.


If in 2020 you intend to effectively stand out from the crowd, take on board a denim jacket in which a combination of textures is observed. Designers confirm that classic denim looks the most impressive in combination with leather or suede. A stylish novelty for 2020 was also the combination with the material, which is presented with a checkered print in contrasting colors.

More restrained, but no less fashionable, look jackets that combine blue and blue denim in their design. Such models are often performed on the principle of layering and talented brands create the illusion that a fashionista is wearing two jackets at the same time.

Shortened length

For girls who love to embody a graceful accent on the waist, the fashion of the 2020 season has prepared cropped denim jackets. As a rule, such models look most advantageous in combination with a high-rise bottom, but a stylish tandem can also be made with an oversized dress.

A cropped denim jacket in the 2020 season can be presented in a classic fitted cut. But if the traditional design does not suit you, you can opt for a model with accent sleeves or contrasting texture inserts. Another stylish idea is a trendy raw edge on a denim jacket. By the way, many women of fashion embody this trend at home, when they want to transform a bored model of outerwear.

To embody an autumn stylish look for every day, you can beat a cropped denim jacket in a multi-layered ensemble. To do this, it is worth combining it with a leather jacket, a laconic sheepskin coat, a jacket and even a coat. Of course, not every fashionista dares to this stylistic experiment, but it even works for you – you can stand out from the crowd.

Elongated models

An elongated denim jacket is another novelty that deserves the attention of fashionistas in the 2020 season. This model is most practical in the fall, when it’s time to warm up with taste.

Stylish denim jackets in an elongated version are great for overweight women, because due to the specifics of the cut, they perfectly mask the imperfections of the figure. Such ladies can wear outerwear in a relaxed, unbuttoned form, embodying two vertical lines in the image with a slimming effect. However, a more stylish solution would be to add an elongated jacket with a belt or belt at the waist – such additions focus on the feminine silhouette and embody the emphasis on the waist that is relevant in the 2020 season.


An absolute hit in the design of denim jackets 2020 has become the patchwork technique, which involves the use of denim patches of various shades. This outerwear…

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