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Denim total bow: spring-summer 2020 trends

This year, fashion trends are returning to the 70s and 90s of the 20th century, when high-rise jeans, denim flared trousers, large baggy jackets, denim shirts that never go out of fashion were popular. However, despite the presence of fashion similarities with that time, there is also a novelty that is recommended to be aware of.

Denim total bow


Jeans for 2020 will suit various things: dresses and shoes, sweatpants and sneakers, shirt and trousers and others.

The color of the oversized jacket is unimportant, the main thing is to be able to combine them with the colors of the clothes matched to the jacket.

The main trend of this year is the combination of a denim jacket and trousers made of blue or black denim – a great tandem for a walk in the spring. Often shorts are combined with a jacket of the same shade of jeans. A baggy denim jacket and a fitted long denim skirt will also look advantageous.

Do not forget about blue denim overalls in combination with a black jacket of the same material.

Jeans jackets


For colder weather, thick denim trousers, such as moma jeans, go well with baggy sweaters and a thick denim jacket. In warm weather, it is worth pairing flared or cropped jeans with a shirt made of the same material. It can be used as a jacket, and under it put on a light sweater or T-shirt. Also in 2020, it is even allowed to make a trio of jeans, a shirt and a denim jacket, but with the right colors. Paired with long flared trousers, you can wear heeled boots and a leather jacket. Also, low-rise jeans, boyfriends, ripped jeans, cargo and riding breeches are returning to fashion.

Denim trousers

Long skirts

The trends of 2020 are screaming about the ban, which applies to all kinds of rhinestones, patches, beads and prints. Simple and concise pencils, loose skirts with pockets and denim with buttons came into fashion. They look great with shirts tied at the bottom or tucked in. A slightly ripped skirt and an ordinary denim laconic shirt go well together.

The best companion for a long skirt are neat sandals with high or low heels. Wear the pencil skirt with loose blouses in a variety of prints, from florals to solids, and a baggy jacket to complement this year’s look. It is recommended to wear a loose skirt with adjacent sweaters, for example, with plain turtlenecks.

Pencil skirt

Short skirts

Summer skirts, like shorts, are becoming more restrained and neat, with an even cut, there are no various decorations on them. The only thing that adds style to denim is buttons or zippers along the length of the skirt. This year, loose and tight models are popular. You can wear almost everything under such a thing as under shorts. Shoes can range from sneakers to low-heeled sandals.

Do not forget about the variation in the colors of denim items, you do not need to limit yourself to classic colors. Various shades of burgundy and khaki are in fashion. Even flashy turquoise, orange and red will be welcome this season. However, mature ladies are not recommended to wear flashy jeans. It is best to choose the noble colors of denim: dark blue, black, cobalt and others.

Denim duet

The time of spring-summer 2020 has become for the fashion world a combination of styles of the 19th and 20th centuries, which opens up a huge choice for people who follow fashion and are indifferent to new trends. Old photos of relatives can be an example of how to dress this year.

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