Depilation of intimate places

Women’s beauty is a very broad concept. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity should be stunning from the top of your head to your fingertips. To achieve such a result, external gloss is not enough, you also need internal confidence in your irresistibility. You can feel such sensations with the help of little female secrets, such as a trail of your favorite perfume, lace stockings and a perfectly smooth bikini area. And if you can get some tricks very easily, then the depilation procedure is not the most pleasant process. The process is unpleasant, sometimes painful, but still very necessary.

The best way to lose excess vegetation is the decision to surrender into the hands of a professional cosmetologist who will quickly and efficiently perform the work assigned to him. Unfortunately, we are not always able to overcome embarrassment, find extra money and time to go to a beauty salon. In such a situation, the only way to fight for beauty is depilation at home.

What is depilation?

The term depilation itself means a mechanical or chemical effect on the outer part of the hair. At the same time, the bulb itself remains practically intact, and the procedure has a very short-term effect. The temporary nature of the impact is the main disadvantage of depilation.

There are two main methods of hair removal: hair removal with a razor or after applying a special composition based on chemical components. All other activities that our women love to sin so much, namely, shugaring, waxing and other subtleties, have nothing to do with depilation. They belong to a higher class of cosmetic work – epilation and remove unwanted hairs from the root. So, let’s look at our temporary salvation in more detail..

Classic razor as the main method of depilation

The most classic method is the razor. It can be disposable or reusable, released both specifically for women and for men. Strictly speaking, the male model is even more comfortable. The main advantages of this method include simplicity and ease of use, the ability to quickly eliminate a piquant problem in any situation, even being a thousand kilometers from home. The process of shaving itself does not take much time and, if done correctly, is absolutely painless. A huge minus of its unwanted hairs can appear within a few hours, and some knowledgeable experts argue that after frequent use of the machine, the vegetation in delicate places becomes larger, its structure takes on a denser appearance.

Few people realize that even such a simple procedure has a huge number of nuances that must be taken into account in order to achieve a positive result. To begin with, determine for yourself a comfortable period of time in which nothing will distract you. Put all the necessary things in advance: a razor, clean and soft napkins, a mirror, cosmetic products. Take a warm shower and apply shaving cream to wet skin. It can be prepared independently on the basis of soap, but of course, it is more convenient to use ready-made, enriched with various useful additives. When shaving, it is very important to observe the correct length of the hairline, it should be no more than 5 mm, respectively, if necessary, trim the hairs with a trimmer before starting the procedure. Shaving itself is a very simple task, take a comfortable position, slightly stretch the skin with your fingers and move only along the hairline until unwanted vegetation is completely removed. When working in hard-to-reach places, use a mirror, it will help to achieve the desired result and not cut yourself. At the end, treat the skin with a special lotion or cream to moisturize and prevent irritation.

A frequent companion of the razor is the subsequent reddening of the skin and small pimples. A tincture based on calendula, as well as a mixture of slurry and aloe juice, will help to escape from such a disaster. Cool compresses also help. To make the hairs thinner and slow their growth, regularly apply an anti-growth cream to the skin, and a scrub with small particles helps with ingrown hairs. A good recommendation is to wear cotton underwear after shaving, it provides fresh air and helps to minimize irritation.

Depilatory creams – a fresh solution

An analogue of shaving is depilation, carried out with the help of a certain composition, produced today in the form of creams, gels or aerosols. Depending on the manufacturer, and most importantly, on the composition of the purchased products, the period of hair re-growth varies. As a rule, it is about two to three days, but in some cases it can reach up to a week. To avoid unpleasant consequences, a couple of days before the procedure, conduct a trial allergy test. Apply a small amount of cream on the forearm or elbow. If the components cause allergies, then this will not be slow to manifest itself. The principle of operation of such compounds is based on chemical compounds that contribute to the destruction of keratin contained in the structure of the hair.

Be sure to choose a cream designed specifically for the intimate area, any other options are absolutely not acceptable. The procedure itself consists in applying the cream in an even layer on the skin, its action, within the prescribed time specified on the package, and its removal with a special spatula along with unwanted hairs. Quickly, efficiently, conveniently and without cuts. The disadvantage is the pungent odor and short-term results.

A couple of general rules in the end

Regardless of the chosen method of depilation, a number of general rules must be observed. Do not carry out any procedures with existing irritations, cuts, inflammations on the skin, as well as exacerbated herpes.

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