Depilation of tender areas

Before you put on a stylish and revealing swimsuit, make sure that the skin in the bikini area is smooth and well-groomed. Depilation of the bikini line is a very delicate and intimate procedure.

Cosmetologists say that it is undesirable to use a razor in this rather delicate area. After all, as you know, after shaving, the hair becomes stiffer, and on sensitive skin, irritation or, even worse, ingrown hairs may occur.

The ideal option in this case is depilation. Cosmetic companies offer a wide variety of hair removal products, including at home. It can be gels, creams and sprays, and wax is considered to be the most effective and safest.

Before the procedure, the area intended for depilation must be treated with a tonic that gently and gently degreases and cleanses the skin. Since the procedure is somewhat painful, talcum powder with menthol, which has a slight anesthetic and antiseptic effect, can be applied to the skin. After that, the heated wax is applied to the skin with a spatula and is easily removed after a couple of minutes.

Some girls prefer to remove almost all hair in the bikini area, this method is called “deep bikini”.

There is another one – “extra-bikini”, in this case, absolutely all the hairs in the bikini area are removed, including the hairs in the crotch area. After the procedure, wax may remain on the skin, which can be easily removed with a special oil-based product. As for the effectiveness of this procedure, we can say with confidence that after depilation of the bikini line, performed with hot wax, the effect lasts from two weeks to a month.

What is wax like? Bikini depilation is carried out using two types of wax:

  1. Hard wax is hot applied to large areas of the skin at a temperature of 38-42 degrees in the direction of hair growth. During the procedure, the skin warms up, the pores open, and the hair is easily removed;
  2. Soft wax is applied mainly in the form of heat. It is mainly intended for use in the bikini area, for the removal of facial hair. Wax is removed with a paper strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Wax is a fairly effective method of removing unwanted hair, but you should also remember about its side effects: quite often, redness remains on the skin after depilation, but this is only a temporary effect and, as a rule, it disappears after a couple of hours. After depilation with wax for 4-5 hours, it is better not to wet the skin.

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