Depilatory creams

Every woman wants to bring her appearance closer to the ideal, especially now, in summer, when the outfit includes open dresses and sundresses, and in a swimsuit you want to feel like a queen of the beach.

Of course, nothing can spoil the mood like visible unwanted hair. Neither a chocolate tan nor the silky sheen of well-groomed skin will help. And then, in the difficult struggle for a chic appearance, it is worth calling for help creams that will get rid of unwanted hairs and bring pleasure from your own irresistibility.

The advantage of depilatory creams is that they do not injure the hair follicles, but act only on the visible part of the hair. After using the cream, there will be no such problem as inflammation of the follicles or ingrown hairs. Creams are completely painless and most effective. Many depilatory products come with a skin softener.

The choice of creams for depilation is quite wide. Manufacturers offer universal products that suit everyone, and delicate “mini” products designed for especially sensitive skin. Plant extracts and vitamins are added to such creams.

Aggressive creams “A +” are produced specifically for women of a passionate oriental or African type. Even the thickest, toughest and most dense hair will not resist the action of this powerful remedy.

Hypoallergenic type creams are created only from natural ingredients. They do not contain preservatives and flavorings, so they can be used by women with manifestations of skin allergies. It should be noted that such funds are not subject to long-term storage.

When buying a product, you need to take into account the characteristics of the use of a particular cream. By action, there are creams designed to remove hair on the face, legs, underarms or bikini.

Using depilatory creams is very easy. A cream is applied to dry skin for ten minutes, after which it is removed along with unwanted hairs with a special spatula. Do not use the product if the skin surface is damaged or irritation or an allergic reaction was found during the test. The test is carried out at least a day before the start of use. If there are no manifestations of allergies, then the remedy is suitable, and it can be used.

For women with sensitive skin, do not sunbathe for the first two days after the procedure. The sun can cause age spots or even burns.

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