Designer knitwear

Currently, many women are interested in buying designer knitted clothes. Tatyana Savosina offers really high-quality models.

Designer knitwear is in high demand. This is due to unsurpassed aesthetic characteristics, a high level of comfort during wear, durability and ease of maintenance. A wide range of models provides an opportunity to choose the best solution, taking into account the style, age and tastes of a potential buyer. Knitted accessories are among the most popular solutions. They have an attractive appearance, and also give their owner a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The range of knitted clothes is represented by jumpers, cardigans, jackets, sweaters and original capes. There are several ways to replenish your wardrobe with a quality yarn product:

  • tie yourself;
  • visit a market or shop;
  • order via the Internet.

Benefits of making your own knitted clothes

Often schemes of designer products can be found on the Internet or specialized magazines. They are accompanied by detailed information about the types and colors of yarn used. Do-it-yourself knitting takes time, experience and tools. Given the fact that many stylish items are made on special knitting machines that are inaccessible to ordinary people, it can be quite problematic to achieve a similar quality. Instead of spending time studying patterns and selecting yarn, you can take additional working hours. This will allow you to earn money for a quality knitted product.


The dangers of buying things on the market

Spontaneous markets attract buyers with an affordable price. The things presented here do not differ from designer models in appearance, but they have an affordable cost. The catch is that the quality of such products is inferior to designer clothes. This is due to the opposite approach to the process of making things. The designer uses high-quality and safe materials, which affects the final cost of the product. A clothing manufacturer for the market is trying to save money. Poorly dyed threads, a high content of artificial fibers in the yarn, as well as the banality of the proposed models, designed for the average buyer, distinguishes such products from designer counterparts..

Boutique or clothing store

Here you can buy high-quality knitted clothes. The presented models are produced by a specific brand. It should be noted that the product manufacturing facilities may be located in China. Do not neglect such things, as the industry of this country is experiencing a qualitative rise.

Boutiques are located in business and shopping centers with high rental costs. This has a direct impact on the price of knitted clothing. Due to additional deductions, premium models of well-known brands, as well as cheaper products, will rise in price by 10-15%. The cost of clothing includes staff salaries, rent, utilities and advertising.

Products of domestic manufacturers are presented on the Internet. You can get acquainted with the collections of the eminent designer Tatyana Savosina. This method of sales allows you to save on real retail space and significantly expand the circle of buyers. This has a positive effect on the cost of products.

Knitted clothes will decorate the wardrobe of any fashionista. In order to make the right choice, carefully evaluate the quality of the selected product, and also trust exclusively trusted brands.

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