Diamond microdermabrasion: what is it?

Dermabrasion in hardware cosmetology is a series of procedures for mechanical resurfacing of skin layers using various techniques. One such technique is diamond microdermabrasion. Its difference from dermabrasion lies in the depth of impact on the layers of the skin.

Microdermabrasion removes only the upper layer of the epidermis, so the recovery period after the intervention is much shorter than other peels. As a grinding tool in dermabrasion, cutters, plates or brushes are used. The depth of grinding can be medium or superficial, depending on the initial condition of the skin and the desired result. On different parts of the skin and body, nozzles of different sizes of abrasive are used. The grit size varies from 100 to 300. The nozzle size 100 is suitable for smoothing stretch marks or small scars on the body. Since, the abrasiveness of such a nozzle is quite high.

In diamond dermabrasion, a diamond-coated instrument is used for micro-resurfacing. Due to the microscopic size of abrasive particles, with this procedure it was possible to achieve a painless and gentle effect on the removal of the stratum corneum.

Indications for use

Peelings are recommended to treat hyperpigmentation, fine lines (crow’s feet) or stretch marks, scars and acne marks on the skin. Perfect for oily and combination skin types with large, enlarged pores. As a result, the pores become invisible, the complexion becomes fresher, the elasticity and turgor of the skin increase. Since the depth of peeling affects only the upper and middle layers of the skin, this procedure can have a slight rejuvenating effect and rather prevent aging, but you should not count on a magical transformation, since one peeling is still not enough for significant rejuvenation of the skin.


How to prepare for the procedure

  • It must be remembered that such an intervention as peeling can provoke inflammation of the herpes virus. The likelihood increases if herpes is a frequent guest on your skin. Therefore, it is recommended to start taking antiviral drugs in advance, and continue after the peeling.
  • Check in your cosmetic arsenal for face creams with a high level of SPF protection.
  • Also, additional UV protection in the form of a wide-brimmed hat will not hurt. Especially if the peeling was carried out during the non-recommended spring-summer period.

The most favorable time of the year for microdermabrasion is late autumn and winter. When ultraviolet radiation is minimal, and cannot cause pigmentation on unprotected skin.

How is the procedure

The standard micropeeling procedure includes the following series of manipulations:

  1. The procedure does not require special, preliminary preparation. First, the skin is disinfected and cleansed to open the pores.
  2. Next, apply a moisturizing mask.
  3. Then, the skin is sequentially processed by the manipulator of the device in the direction of the facial muscles.
  4. Finally, apply a decongestant mask.

In time, one session takes about 30-45 minutes. Due to the short recovery period, you can lead a normal life. It is optimal to carry out a series of procedures within a month, at intervals once a week. Periodicity with accuracy, it is better to discuss with a beautician


Care after the procedure

  1. During the course, it is mandatory to use a sunscreen with a protection level of at least twenty. In the summer and when you are outside for a long time, apply the cream two to three times a day.
  2. If your skin type is dry or prone to dry skin, then for the duration of the procedures, it is better to choose a type of cream that is nourishing with a denser structure.
  3. Avoid scrubs and peels.
  4. Minimize the use of foundation.

Contraindications and side effects

Of the contraindications should be considered:

  1. Exacerbation of eczema.
  2. The skin is dry with areas of redness.
  3. Inflammation of acne with pustules.
  4. Herpes virus.
  5. Hypersensitive skin type.

Facial skin care from the age of thirty-five consists of regular cosmetic procedures, including peelings. Since the regenerative properties weaken with age, exfoliation of the upper layers of the skin can stimulate the renewal of the epidermis and thereby improve complexion and skin quality.

Nothing improves the beauty of the external image like a healthy, even skin tone. One has only to try to undergo the microdermabrasion procedure, as it becomes obvious that not a single home peeling from masks and scrubs can be compared in terms of the result with the hardware one. As an alternative to dermabrasion in beauty salons, you can consider purchasing a diamond microdermabrasion machine.


The devices are a compressor with flexible tubes. The principle of operation is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum pump ensures tight contact of the nozzle with the skin. The area of ​​the skin is slightly stretched and along the main lines of force of the face with a little effort, they are carried out several times with a tip with a nozzle. Removed cells fall on a disposable filter. Used nozzles are sterilized after use. At the end of the procedure, a soothing mask is applied. All devices are equipped with nozzles for vacuum cleaning and massage. Cleaning and massage can be alternated with peeling. It will also improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the skin.

Obvious advantages of diamond microdermabrasion over other similar peeling procedures:

  • The absence of a preparatory stage.
  • Painlessness.
  • Short recovery period.
  • Price availability.
  • Possibility of an alternative to a home device.
  • Guaranteed result.
  • The effectiveness of cosmetics after the procedure is enhanced.
  • Application not only on the skin of the face, but also on all parts of the body.

Summing up, the procedure of diamond microdermabrasion can be attributed to safe skin resurfacing, which not only smooths out small, visible defects, but also significantly improves its quality, without age restrictions. Taking care of the beauty of your skin is an essential part of taking care of yourself.

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