Diamond rings: perfection in every detail

If you make a list of ideal things, then a diamond ring will enter the top five of such a rating. Precise lines, maximum purity and transparency, perfection in every detail – an adornment worthy of a queen.

Such jewelry is considered a wonderful gift, a sign of attention, a way to express your love and admiration. In the Gold24.ru online store, you can choose a diamond ring from hundreds of offers that will decorate the pen of your chosen one, please your mother, make the eyes of your sister or girlfriend burn. This is the perfect gift for a woman!

How to choose a diamond ring

Buying a small ring is always a big pain of choice. It is important to determine not only the size and shape of the product. Particular attention should be paid to the stone. Diamonds are a popular and desirable gift for the fair sex. Because of this, they often become the subject of fakes. Fraudsters skillfully pass off cubic zirconias, crystals and even ordinary glass as diamonds.

When buying a diamond ring, follow these simple guidelines:

  • a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of each stone can only be given by a professional appraiser. But if you do not have the opportunity to use his services, and you choose a product in a stationary salon, then check the quality of the stone on your own. Look at the stone through a tenfold magnifying glass: a real diamond will not be perfectly transparent. Such stones are found in nature, but so rarely that the price for them is much higher than usual, and you will not find them in every store;
  • Another true test for judging the clarity of a stone is to draw a dot on a sheet of white paper with a pencil, place a diamond on it and look through it at the drawing. You will see anything, just not a point, since a real diamond refracts the rays of light and distorts the image;
  • Buy jewelry only from reliable sellers. Demand a quality certificate for a stone, because when buying diamonds, it must be provided. The Goldru online store is a company with a name. For several years, tens of thousands of Russian residents have become its clients. On You can choose from jewelry for every taste and budget. Experience, reliability and professionalism are the three main principles that guide Gold24.ru.

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