Diet “6 petals”

The 6 Petals Diet was developed by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. The secret to successful weight loss depends on the correct alternation of days. Every day is a different mono-diet.

The mode does not allow slow digestion and therefore completely excludes products that simultaneously contain proteins and carbohydrates. The symbol of nutrition is a flower, the petals of which symbolize a day dedicated to one product. Do not change the order of days, otherwise the essence of the diet will be lost.

The process of easy weight loss lies in the physiological characteristics of the human body. Each daily mono-diet does not contain incompatible products, and uniformity in nutrition hurries up the weight loss procedure. The duration of one diet is not longer than a day, because the batteries must alternate.

In the 6-petal diet, it is important to follow the sequence of mono-diets, even if they are both protein or both carbohydrate.

  • First day – fish. Different types of fish are allowed. The product can be boiled, stewed, baked. The use of salt, mild seasonings and herbs is allowed. The fish mono-diet helps to prepare the body for the next days of the diet, and due to the small amount of calories it will significantly reduce weight.
  • Second day – vegetable. Vegetables are allowed in stewed, boiled and baked form. It is not forbidden to use salt and mild seasonings. Also, do not forget about juices from vegetables. A vegetable mono-diet will supplement the body with healthy carbohydrates that will bring few calories, but reduce the number of fat cells due to the energy for their processing.
  • The third day – chicken. Chicken fillet (breast) is allowed in stewed, baked and boiled form. It is allowed to use mild seasonings, salt, herbs, but in small quantities. Chicken broth is allowed. Since the body has lost all the protein in the previous days, the chicken will replenish these reserves and strengthen the muscles. Due to the lack of carbohydrates, the metabolism will receive energy from fat cells, which will be reflected in weight loss.
  • Fourth day – cereal. You can use various types of cereals, germinated seeds, cereals, bran, seeds. Kvass and water are allowed. Grain carbohydrates will restore glycogen stores, and due to the long and difficult digestion of cereal foods, the body will continue to lose weight due to the use of fat reserves.
  • Fifth day – curd. Fat-free or medium-fat cottage cheese and milk should be consumed. Cottage cheese will support the body tired of diets. This dietary product, rich in minerals, will be divided into amino acids, which the body needs so much.
  • Sixth day – fruity. It is allowed to eat fruits fresh or baked. Freshly squeezed juices without sugar. Vanillin and cinnamon are allowed. The final fruit stage will provide the body with polysaccharides. Since they are difficult to digest, you need a lot of energy from fat reserves. As a result, weight is lost again.

Repeat the diet no more than once every four months. And of course, do not forget to drink clean drinking water, as well as green or black tea.

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