Diet BEACH: lose weight on protein-carbohydrate alternation

A rare woman today has not encountered issues of losing weight and has not tried at least one of the diets in her life. Each weight loss system has its pros and cons, which can often outweigh the positives. However, protein-carbohydrate alternation is recognized today as the most favorable form of weight control, although it also has its drawbacks. What you need to know and what you should think about thoroughly before taking on a huge responsibility called BEACH.

Four stages of Pierre Ducane

Weight loss using protein foods in a rotation and consolidation system began with a French general practitioner from Paris, Pierre Ducane. In 1975, faced with obesity for the first time, the doctor developed his own system, according to which his patients no longer gained weight. This “Dukan System” later became his blessing and curse.

In 2000, he will write the book “I Can’t Lose Weight”, which will become a virtual bestseller and will be translated into 14 languages ​​of the world.

In 2011, Dr. Dukan was unable to prove the effectiveness of his weight loss technique in court.

In 2012, Dukan will lose his doctor’s license for commercially promoting his diet.

Based on the Dukan variant, about 14 protein-carbohydrate diets will be created, one of which will be called “protein-carbohydrate alternation”.

BUCH on the ship

Protein-carbohydrate alternation, despite the abundance of pluses and almost no minuses, nevertheless, is a diet and its need should be confirmed by a doctor. If for some reason you don’t have time to get to a medical institution, there are several main reasons why using the BUCH diet is life-threatening.

First of all, it is children’s, adolescence and retirement age. There is probably no need to explain anything here. Remember, BUCH is nothing but a diet. Many laudatory reviews contain such flattering epithets as “healthy eating”, “pleasant lightness in the body” and so on … But they should not deceive you, BEA requires hard work of all internal organs and you cannot do without a strong body.

In addition, protein-carbohydrate alternation should be abandoned in case of:

  • kidney and liver diseases,
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • acute inflammation,
  • diabetes mellitus at any stage.

Of course, today it is difficult to find a person with 100% health, but playing it safe is the height of prudence. You should not lose your own life along with the weight.


The essence of the BUCH diet

The essence of the protein-carbohydrate alternation is the manipulation of carbohydrates and an attempt to deceive the body. Remember what happens in the case of simple starvation? For two days, the body consumes the accumulated fats, due to which the weight falls. But on the third day, the opposite effect occurs – the body begins to postpone them, so to speak, “for a rainy day.” After all, he has already experienced two days of stress, and in order not to suffer again, instead of assimilating and processing organic substances that come with food, he will begin to diligently hide them in different secluded places in his body. Then these places will stick out and even interfere with walking.

And now how does the process look like during the protein-carbohydrate alternation? The first two days pass without the full consumption of carbohydrates. At this time, a person feels tired, weak, drowsy – in general, all the delights of carbohydrate restriction. After all, it is known that the brain needs sugar to work, and its absence will directly affect the human condition.

On the third day, a carbohydrate attack begins, that is, an increase in the consumption of this nutrient by 2-4 times. But at the same time, fats and proteins should be replaced with vegetable ones, or even minimized. A confused body will continue to absorb fats, and store glycogen in the remaining space. On the fourth day, the amount of all organic substances returns to normal. The general background will return to normal, the person will again feel energy and cheerfulness. By the way, it is to this moment that professional athletes bring their diet cycle.

Each microcycle consists of four days. And every second day of the new microcycle, the weight will be about the same as on the first day of the previous one. Especially persistent people sit on this diet for a year and a half and lose from 16 to 25 kg.

Hard arithmetic

In fact, BUCH is a rather complex diet. At the very least, it is used by many professional athletes under the supervision of medical professionals to reach the peak of form by a certain period.


The fact is that there is some difficulty in it – to calculate the amount of proteins and carbohydrates, the percentage of which will vary in a short period of time. This is an individual indicator … Yes, indeed, there is a general algorithm, but experts are able to make their own adjustments, moving these indicators in one direction or another. It is thanks to this that athletes easily adapt to the schedule.

But, of course, a simple layman is deprived of all the charms of manipulating his own organic substances, so everything is simpler for him – 0.5-1 g per 1 kg of body weight, and then, depending on your own wishes, the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates can vary from 2 to 4 g per 1 kg of body weight.

Menu example

Remember how it was in the famous series about Sherlock Holmes: “Oatmeal, sir. What about meat? Meat will be for dinner, sir.”

So, the whole protein-carbohydrate alternation is built on a carefully adjusted menu.

For example, the classic version, almost everyone starts with it.

protein phase.

  • In the morning: cottage cheese, with cocoa or cinnamon.
  • Second breakfast: shrimp omelet, egg (2 pcs).
  • Lunch: Tuna fillet with cucumber or celery.
  • In the evening: white meat chicken or beef tenderloin.

carbohydrate phase.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with kefir, fermented baked milk or just boiled water.
  • Light breakfast: apples, apricots or cherries.
  • Lunch: vermicelli with meat or seafood with rice.
  • Afternoon snack: kefir with bread.
  • Dinner: fish or white meat.

There are original ones, like: in the morning half a grapefruit or 150 ml of kefir, and for a second breakfast an omelet with crab meat + 100 ml of milk + 2 proteins.

There are a million options for both carbohydrate and protein starvation, everyone chooses according to their taste and wallet.


Pros and cons

Whether unfortunate or happy, Pierre Ducan did not set himself the goal of turning all the women of the world into Barbie dolls, and men into Kens. Like any doctor, his task was to maintain health through a balanced diet. Therefore, as already noted, the diet has its drawbacks. The main one is a really huge load on the liver and kidneys. For this diet, they must be in perfect condition. The fact is that the processed protein residues in the form of uric acid are excreted by the kidneys, and there is a lot of waste during this period.

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