Diet of Inna Volovicheva: weekly menu and basic principles

The diet is very new. This diet has become known recently, but this did not stop her from becoming very popular. And it was a living example that brought her such fame. Inna is a participant in the Dom 2 project, which is why her weight loss took place in front of millions of viewers. According to Inna herself, in a month of her diet she managed to get rid of 30 kg. With the help of elementary mathematics, you can calculate that she lost six to seven kilograms a week. The number is amazing. You will immediately wonder how this is possible. It turns out that nothing is impossible.

According to Inna Volovicheva, if you have willpower, you will succeed. It sounds, of course, trite, but it was willpower that helped her get rid of extra pounds. If you have no desire, then you will not get the expected result. And this applies not only to this diet, but to all other diets. If you have already decided to go on a diet, then do not stop halfway through, bring everything to the end and please yourself and those around you with amazing results. It’s hard, but no one said it would be easy. Diets are designed for about a month, which is not so much for a beautiful body.

Diet stages

The diet of Inna Volovicheva can be divided into several stages:

  • Preparing for a new life. The most important thing is to mentally set yourself up for the fact that you have to give up a bad habit, eat indiscriminately. You just need to delete from your life sweet and floury, fatty. Be sure to start going to the gym or join the pool. And most importantly, just believe in yourself. And you will definitely succeed.
  • We start to lose weight. Well, let’s talk about the diet itself. Your menu will now consist of vegetables and fruits, fish and chicken. You will have to partially give up salt. This diet is designed for one month, but you can shorten this period, depending on how many kilograms you are going to lose weight.
  • Exit from the diet. This step is very important. It depends on him whether your weight will return or you will be able to keep the result. This stage will last as long as the diet itself. In order for the weight not to return, you will have to gradually resume your menu. You should also completely abandon semi-finished products. In no case do not eat before bedtime, drink plenty of fluids. If you follow all the instructions, you will forever remain slim.

The main nuances of the diet

The essence of the diet is the use of only healthy food. Next, the basics of losing weight that should be followed will be proposed.

  • Breakfast consists of porridge, but without salt;
  • After 6, eating is prohibited. You can only eat grapefruit, it has many vitamins and removes hunger well;
  • For a whole month you will only eat boiled meat, vegetables and seafood;
  • Fresh juice;
  • Forbidden foods: salt, sugar, bread, butter. When the diet is over, eat these ingredients in limited quantities;
  • Eat always at the same time;
  • Mandatory physical activity;
  • Visit the sauna once a month, this will improve your results.

Approximate diet menu for the week

• Breakfast: buckwheat porridge without salt and sugar, black tea;
• Lunch: three egg scrambled eggs with milk, cucumber and tomato salad, coffee juice of your choice;
• Dinner: chicken meat -200 gr., juice.
Do physical activity at 8 o’clock.

• Breakfast: rice porridge with apples, coffee;
• Lunch beef (250 grams), one tomato, green black tea;
• Dinner: beef (150 grams), seaweed.
Go for a run at 8 o’clock.

• Breakfast: buckwheat cooked on kefir. Its preparation must be done in advance. Pour 0.5 cups of cereal with a glass of low-fat kefir and leave for 12 hours;
• Lunch: Light salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes, boiled chicken 100 gr., black tea;
• Dinner: Boiled chicken, one tomato, juice.
Visit the pool after dinner.

• Breakfast: rice on the water, green tea;
• Lunch: beef and seaweed;
• Dinner chicken and one tomato.
Do exercise after dinner.

• Breakfast: oatmeal, grapefruit, green tea;
• Lunch: lean boiled fish, radish and tomato salad, juice;
• Lunch: three-egg omelet, cucumber, coffee.
Before going to bed, go for a run.

• Breakfast: rice porridge with apple, green tea;
• Lunch: seafood and vegetables, tea;
• Dinner: baked zucchini, chicken, juice.
Jogging after dinner.

• Breakfast: buckwheat, black tea;
• Lunch: beef and green peas, juice;
• Dinner: a glass of yogurt, preferably grapefruit juice.

This is not your exact diet, but just an example of how you should eat. For this month of weight loss, you can independently compose your daily diet, the main thing is to stick to our exemplary me. Do not flatter yourself with the illusion that you will lose 10 kg in a week. By the way, you don’t need such a result, it will only harm your health. If you suddenly lose a large amount of weight, this will lead to sad consequences. You need to lose weight wisely. You should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Absolutely every diet has its contraindications. The diet of Inna Volovicheva is no exception to the rule. Before making such a global change in your diet, you should consult with your doctor. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, be sure to visit a doctor. People who decide to go on this diet, who are allergic to citrus fruits, need to be very careful. If you have diabetes, you can sit on a diet only if your attending physician will observe you all the time.

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