Diet on kefir cocktails

In this article, a detailed menu for a 7-day diet on kefir cocktails. In addition, recipes for three popular kefir cocktails – natural, sweet and spicy.

Vegetable and berry cocktails can quickly reduce appetite. And if you use them for a week, then the extra pounds quickly leave the sides and tummy. In addition, cocktails significantly improve well-being.

The secret of berry and vegetable cocktails is simple – they contain only natural ingredients. For example, raspberry juice added to a smoothie becomes a natural fat burner. Cucumber drink helps to cleanse toxins, and this, in turn, normalizes bowel function.

Today, the diet on kefir cocktails is popular. It lasts a week, and allows you to unload the body and lose a couple of extra pounds. Before proceeding to a detailed description, we suggest that you learn how to prepare kefir cocktails according to three recipes.

  • Cocktail first, natural: add sprouted wheat grains in the amount of 3 teaspoons to a glass of kefir. Now you need to leave the cocktail for an hour, then mix thoroughly and drink.
  • Cocktail second, spicy: take three young cucumbers, peel them and chop them. After that, add this mass to half a glass of kefir. Another necessary ingredient is 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Once you add them, you can start whipping a cocktail in a mixer.
  • Third cocktail, sweet: take a glass of fresh raspberries, add half a glass of kefir to it. After whipping, the cocktail is ready to drink.

Diet menu on kefir cocktails

Well, now you know how to prepare healthy and refreshing drinks, and it’s time to start dieting.

  • First day: only cocktails are allowed, so for breakfast, drink a sweet cocktail, for lunch and dinner – natural and spicy, respectively.
  • Second day: Have a sweet smoothie for breakfast. For dinner, boil half a glass of rice, flavor it with raspberries, honey and kiwi. For dinner, drink a natural cocktail again.
  • The third day: for breakfast, a fruit salad (halves of a banana, peach, raspberry, apple), with the addition of lemon juice. At lunch, drink a portion of a natural cocktail with two slices of wholemeal bread. For dinner, you can finally eat a little more: treat yourself to stewed vegetables. In vegetable oil, simmer kohlrabi and zucchini, add vegetable broth, green peas to them and simmer for 10 minutes. Garnish vegetables with parsley.
  • Fourth day: a light breakfast consists of a fruit salad seasoned with lemon juice (includes a glass of strawberries and half a banana). For lunch, boiled rice with vegetables is supposed: first, boil half a glass of rice, and then add fried vegetables to it (a tomato, two carrots, half a zucchini). You need to fry in vegetable oil with the addition of a fourth part of a glass of vegetable broth. Snack – a glass of natural cocktail. For dinner, prepare a salad of five radishes, half a head of lettuce, two tomatoes and a cucumber. Grind, season with natural yogurt.
  • Fifth day: after a light breakfast in the form of a sweet cocktail, lunch looks quite satisfying: rinse half a glass of rice and boil it. While the rice is cooking, prepare the stewed vegetables (tomato, half of red and yellow pepper, onion). Mix rice and vegetables, and proceed to the meal. For dinner, broccoli with chicken fillet is allowed. Boil broccoli (no more than 200 gr), and fry the chicken in vegetable oil (no more than 150 gr).
  • Sixth day: cut a tomato into pieces and eat it with two slices of bread for breakfast. Lunch is rather meager: an apple and carrots, chopped on a grater, with the addition of natural yogurt and lemon juice. Satisfy your hunger with a savory cocktail for an afternoon snack, and indulge in vegetable risotto for dinner. Among its ingredients are 200 grams of broccoli, 2 carrots, rice (half a glass), kohlrabi, a spoonful of oil and about a glass of broth. These ingredients must first be fried, then stewed, and finally mixed with rice.
  • Seventh day: for breakfast, mix with a glass of fat-free yogurt 2 tsp. oatmeal, 2 apricots and 3 tsp. corn flakes. Lunch is asparagus and pork chops. Beat 100 g of meat, salt and pepper, and then fry. Boil 200 g of asparagus, mix with chopped tomato and eat with meat. A natural cocktail relies on an afternoon snack. For dinner, have a salad of half red and yellow peppers, onions, boiled corn (half a glass), seasoned with mayonnaise.

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