Diet Rollercoaster: menu and results

The new nutrition scheme, presented by nutritionist M. Katan, instantly made a splash among those who want to lose weight. However, the “roller coaster” is considered to be not a classic diet, but a kind of nutrition system designed to activate the metabolism of a losing weight person due to a sharp change in daily calorie intake. This feature entails some difficulties and limitations. Nevertheless, a stubborn, purposeful and relatively healthy person will definitely be pleased with the result.

What is the secret of the roller coaster diet?

The essence of the scheme is to alternately consume food much less than the daily allowance at the beginning of the diet; then nutrition at the lower boundary is implied; and it is necessary to finish the diet, according to the allowable food corridor. The calorie rotation cycle is three days, and the total duration of the diet is at least three weeks. It turns out a simple power scheme:

  • 600 kcal per day – the first three-day cycle;
  • 900 kcal – the next three days;
  • 1200 kcal – the final three days.

After that, the diet must be started from the beginning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the obvious positive moments inherent in this diet, you can list:

  • Pre-calculated daily calorie intake of food;
  • An easy diet plan to avoid complicated calorie counting;
  • Prescribed menu, thought out and compiled by a nutritionist;
  • An unequivocal result, which is achieved by introducing the body into a stressful situation;
  • A three-day cycle almost certainly helps to avoid the body getting used to the calories consumed;
  • Lack of monotony in the observance of the power scheme.

However, the diet is considered strict, which is fraught with quite a few negative points:

  • Strict calorie restrictions are difficult for beginners, so for those who first decide to try the roller coaster, there is an easy option at 1200/1400/1600 every three days;
  • The diet is contraindicated for nursing mothers, as well as for people with gastrointestinal and kidney diseases;
  • Rollercoaster offers a menu with a calculated number of calories, however, the norms of consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates are not taken into account. And this can lead to an incorrect distribution of BJU during the day, which is fraught with a sad result and even a violation of health;
  • Heavy physical activity is contraindicated during the diet due to the sharp restriction of daily calories at the beginning of the diet, which is unlikely to be enough to sustain life.

Roller coaster menu

To make life easier for those who are slimming, a nutritionist has developed an exemplary nutrition menu in advance.

It is recommended to use the first three days:

  • For breakfast: a drink without sugar and a slice of black bread or up to 200g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • For lunch: a bowl of vegetable broth soup or lean boiled meat and buckwheat (rice) 200g;
  • For dinner: low-fat boiled fish 200g or two chicken eggs, a glass of kefir 1%;
  • Snacking is allowed with fresh vegetables and salads without dressing or with one fruit in the morning (excluding bananas, dates and grapes).

In the next cycle, to the listed products, you can add:

  • An apple or one sugar cube in your breakfast drink
  • Up to 100g boiled chicken or durum wheat pasta for lunch;
  • No more than 150 grams of boiled shrimp, unsweetened yogurt or a slice of cheese for dinner;
  • It is allowed to have a snack with half a banana before lunch and drink a glass of kefir 1% before going to bed.

Final days can be varied:

  • Dairy-free porridge for breakfast;
  • One baked potato or small piece of butter for lunch;
  • For dinner, you can cook a fruit salad without limiting fruits, the main thing is not to overdo it with their quantity;
  • Salads can be seasoned with a spoonful of olive or mustard oil.

At any stage, the use of low-fat cottage cheese, kefir and any bran is allowed. By the way, it is bran that will help to cope with the feeling of hunger, which will be pretty annoying almost all the way on the slides. Dairy products are recommended to be consumed in the morning or three hours before bedtime if hunger is too intense.

It is important to observe the drinking regime, which includes the consumption of clean water without gas. Drinks such as tea, coffee or juices will not be able to make up for the loss of fluids in the diet.

What to expect from a diet or focus on results

Of course, a certain amount of kilograms is discarded, definitely, it will turn out. Everyone will have their own number of weight loss, however, if you hold out on the roller coaster for the prescribed three weeks, it will be at least 5 kilograms. If you do not completely exclude sports exercises, but take yoga or Pilates courses, it will take from 7 kilograms. Even primitive walks before going to bed are suitable as physical activity.

The nutritionist managed to figure out a few rules that are common to everyone who decides to stick to the nutrition system. So, what does the result depend on:

  • The diet will please anyone who strictly adheres to the recommended calorie content;
  • It is forbidden to use even a small amount of pastries and other sweets. Including fructose sweets, marshmallows or marshmallows;
  • It is important to remember that the menu above is not mandatory, but is compiled only to familiarize and facilitate the start of the diet. However, you don’t have to consume the required calories from junk food, sweets, or junk food;
  • Don’t cut too much fat in your diet. Otherwise, along with extra pounds, you can say goodbye to nails and hair. If the menu includes salad dressing or a slice of butter for lunch, you should definitely take advantage of this offer. Also, do not neglect fresh fruits and vegetables, if they are allowed;
  • But the put sugar cube in morning coffee or tea can be successfully replaced with a spoonful of honey, the main thing is not to add it immediately to boiling water so as not to lose all the useful properties.

The result is also affected by the selected duration of the diet and the method of fixing the effect:

  • Although you can follow the roller coaster diet for only 9 days (three full three-day cycles), and then you can finish the diet. It is recommended to hold out in the diagram for at least three weeks, and preferably all 27 days, i.e. 3 nine day cycles. This duration is not described by chance, it is achieved by complex calculations of a team of nutritionists, according to the needs of the average overweight person. Therefore, you should not adhere to a diet for longer;
  • It is important not to forget to fix the result and leave the diet correctly. To do this, you need to stick to 1200 (1600) calories for another 10 days, and then gradually add calories to the required level. Of course, if immediately after the power system, return to the usual …

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