Difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. What to use?

It is difficult, no, it is simply impossible to imagine modern life without personal care products. And every day there are more and more of them. Different names, different purposes of this or that means, it is so easy to get lost in them. And if the choice of which shower gel or the usual soap is better, everyone chooses to their taste, then it is important to know some of the nuances.

For example, such familiar deodorant and antiperspirant. It would seem that their only purpose is to prevent the smell of sweat, outwardly there is no difference either, but what is the secret then? And the differences between these two tools are significant and fundamental.

Deodorant is a perfumed spray designed to prevent the smell of sweat. It contains aromatic fragrances and bactericidal preparations that prevent the growth of bacteria. After all, human sweat itself is practically odorless, and the unpleasant smell of sweat is a product of the vital activity of bacteria that multiply very quickly in it.

An antiperspirant is virtually odorless. Its action is to block the excretory channels of the sweat glands, using finely dispersed powders that are harmless to the body, such as organic layers of zinc and aluminum. Sweat does not get out and as a result – no smell.

There are also antiperspirant deodorants today that combine the properties of both products. They have a perfumed fragrance, and a bactericidal component, and talc to prevent sweating.

Already from the description, you can draw simple conclusions when it is more appropriate to use. During the day, when the use of other fragrances is not so necessary and serious physical or nervous stress is possible, deodorant is more suitable. It will envelop with an unobtrusive aroma, and prevent the smell of sweat from appearing without blocking its natural secretion. Indeed, in cases where sweating is profuse, it is not recommended to block its natural outflow – this can lead to tissue edema.

But if you have gathered in the evening for a date, or a party, it would be appropriate to use an antiperspirant and your favorite perfume here. Since its effect will be short-lived, any inconvenience or even more harm to health is excluded.

It should be remembered that the use of antiperspirant immediately after a shower, in a sauna or in a pool is absolutely useless. After a shower, water enters the excretory channels of the sweat glands and talc does not enter them, but after drying, it remains on the skin without fulfilling its main task. In a pool or sauna, the antiperspirant powder will simply wash off with water.

It should be remembered about the deodorant that it should not be applied before going outside directly, on exposed skin, the alcohols and other substances contained in it can react under the action of ultraviolet radiation and lead to the appearance of age spots or chemical burns.

Knowing all the subtleties and tricks of cosmetic products manufactured by modern manufacturers, you can always feel confident and look like a million dollars.

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