Dissatisfaction with your appearance

Dissatisfaction with their appearance is the main and main problem of modern youth! Young people, who come up with standards of beauty for themselves, then do not meet them, and then, as a result, protracted depression, dissatisfaction with themselves, self-doubt.

There is no escape from this – this is the law of life. Perhaps this is the only law that can not always be observed. We all know that we are met by clothes, that is, by appearance.

Don’t focus on your shortcomings. Each person has the right to his own opinion, each has his own understanding of beauty. And if someone pointed out to you your shortcomings, do not rush to be upset, someone may regard this as a virtue. Man is by nature an insatiable being. We are always missing something, something is missing.

For example, many, trying to hide the flaws in their appearance, lie down on the operating table. Doing dozens of operations, a person eventually remains a freak.

Why?! Because each person is something unique and unrepeatable. We should not change this uniqueness, because then it is difficult to call it such. In pursuit of a beautiful appearance, girls enlarge their lips, believing that it is beautiful!

Who said!? If it suited you, you would undoubtedly be born with beautiful plump lips. We are dissatisfied with our appearance only for the simple reason that we refuse to accept it, because Masha from the next entrance, in my opinion, is more beautiful and the boys look at her. And Masha may just be a little more self-confident or she spent 10 minutes more in front of the mirror.

Average statistics show that only 1 out of 10 women is born without flaws, the rest have to deal with small flaws in their appearance. After all, do not take your own life because of this. Especially in the age of modern technology, where there are various kinds of epilators, hair dryers, hair straighteners, is it worth taking a steam bath!? And how much decorative cosmetics are now: shadows, mascara, lipstick. Of course, you can’t hide the lack of them on your face, so here you need to know when to stop.

Problematic skin can also be dealt with – there are a lot of creams, tonics, scrubs for hand and face skin care. You can make masks at home. The main desire.

Consult with a professional about hair: what and how to take care of them. Let him help you make the haircut that suits you, show you how to collect your hair beautifully. Moscow was not built in a day. In the same way, you can step by step get the appearance that you are happy with.

Every day, seeing her reflection in the mirror and telling herself that I’m not good enough, every girl only exacerbates her problem. All problems are in the head, not in appearance.

Spend half an hour with your beloved, and not with thoughts that you are unhappy with yourself. “I am the most beautiful, charming, sexy, attractive!” – with these words you need to start the morning. These are the first words that your reflection in the mirror should hear.

Be more confident in yourself and your complexes will recede!

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