Don’t do this: what style mistakes emphasize the stomach

A protruding belly is one of the most problematic areas for many women. To look beautiful and hide the existing flaws, women of fashion with such features of the figure need to be very careful in choosing a stylish outfit.

What mistakes in clothes emphasize the stomach

When compiling a basic wardrobe, overweight women need to exclude clothes that distort the figure and ugly emphasize the belly. When choosing a stylish bow, designers advise fashionistas not to repeat common mistakes and give up such things:

  • Skin-tight. It is not uncommon for plus-sized ladies to wear a tight-fitting outfit in the hope that it will help them look slimmer and correct figure flaws. However, such experiments lead completely to the opposite result. Tight-fitting clothing, unsuccessfully fits a protruding belly, and spoils the entire fashionable bow. Fixing this error is easy. You just need to pick up clothes of a semi-adjacent silhouette, while abandoning the oversized style.

  • From thin or shiny fabric. Most often, light and flowing material unfavorably emphasizes figure flaws. So fashionistas who are prone to fullness, it is better to abandon the trendy knitted outfits this season, because they only focus more on the bulging belly and sides. In this case, even a visually stretching silhouette and a geometric print hiding the figure will not save the situation. Lurex clothing is not the most suitable option for such fashionistas. When choosing a stylish bow according to your figure, you should give preference to outfits made of dense fabric (leather, denim, linen, silk or wool).

  • mini dresses. No matter how curvy women of fashion would like to flaunt in a beautiful and short outfit, you should still avoid this length that is not beneficial for their figure. A mini dress will not only unsuccessfully fit the stomach, but will also visually add extra pounds.

  • Pencil skirts. Despite the fact that this model has not gone out of trend over the past few seasons, it is not suitable for all women. The belly and the “ears” on the hips are the first thing that catches your eye if a girl in the body puts on a pencil skirt. To look feminine and sexy, you should choose a different model.

  • Skinny + short top. This is not the best combination for plus size women. Tight-fitting trousers or jeans will ugly emphasize the fullness of the legs and hips and tightly fit the stomach. Puffy fashionistas will have to give up short tops and T-shirts that focus on this particular part of the body.

  • Leather skirt with flounces. Such a trendy outfitAnother not suitable option for creating a stylish bow. A thin leather skirt will ugly fit a woman’s figure, while adding a couple of kilograms on the hips, making the waist shapeless and emphasizing the protruding belly. And the decor in the form of a wide frill visually makes the bottom of the outfit heavier.

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  • Clothes with decor on the stomach. Such things will further emphasize the protruding part of the body. In the presence of a full belly, girls should exclude dark clothes with bright buttons, patch pockets, bows, slats and twisted drapery in this area from their wardrobe.

  • Jeans and trousers with a low waist. Stylists categorically do not recommend plus size fashionistas to wear such clothes. Low-waisted jeans and trousers will not add beauty to a fashionable look, but will only draw unnecessary attention to a full belly and sides. It is better to choose a model with a high waist, which will perfectly hide all the flaws.

  • Clothes with large prints. For women with full forms, it is better to give up dresses, skirts, blouses and T-shirts with large check patterns, horizontal stripes and polka dots. Although such prints are in fashion, they visually make the abdomen much wider and more voluminous.

Full fashionistas should get rid of outfits made from thick, fleecy and boucle materials.

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Tips: how to hide a bulging belly

To look stylish in any situation, full fashionistas should pick up several sets of things that will go well with each other. For women with a protruding belly, stylists recommend paying attention to the following clothes:

  • A-line dresses. Loose trapezoidal models will look great on a curvaceous figure, allowing you to create an elegant and feminine look.

  • Wrap skirts. Such clothes will well hide the flaws of the figure and make a beautiful accent on the lush chest.

  • Long blouses and t-shirts. To hide a bulging belly, girls should give preference to elongated models to the middle of the thigh.

  • Flared trousers. Flared trousers or culottes fashionable this season will look great on a magnificent figure. The main thing is that such clothes have a normal or high waist.

  • Vertical print. Perfectly hide the full belly geometric pattern, located vertically. A fashionable print will stretch and narrow the silhouette, masking problematic moments.

  • Accessories. The best option is long beads that visually stretch the figure and make the stomach less noticeable.

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If you are going to update your wardrobe, fashionistas should definitely take into account all the above tips, and then women with a protruding tummy will look stylish and spectacular without difficulty.

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