Double bob for medium hair

Do you want to bring variety to the usual classic look? Then a double bob haircut for medium hair will be a real discovery for you. The hairstyle is ideal for those who want to look extraordinary and are not afraid of experiments.


What does a double bob haircut look like?

The original double bob haircut arose relatively recently. Stylists got it experimentally, and the result was liked by many fashionistas. Among the features of the hairstyle are the following:

  • Haircut is done exclusively on straight strands. On wavy hair, it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect, unless they have to be straightened with an iron.

  • Hairstyle consists of two tiers. Both of them have a traditional shape characteristic of a square, a shorter version is located on top, and an elongated one on the bottom. The photos will help you get an idea of ​​the double bob haircut for medium hair, especially if you look at the front and back views.

  • Lovers of bright bows can dye the upper and lower parts of the hair in different colors, you get a very effective contrast.

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Important! If you decide on this haircut option, you should be prepared for the fact that it requires careful styling and regular updating of the shape.


Who is the double bob haircut suitable for?

A stylish hairstyle can become a real decoration of the image. But in order for her to look harmonious, it is important to understand what type of face and appearance of a girl she suits. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points.

A fashionable double bob haircut will decorate the owners of a regular oval-shaped face, a slightly elongated or triangular face. It is better for chubby young ladies and women with a square shape to refrain from this option. In this case, the hairstyle will give the face extra volume and emphasize the flaws.

A haircut will be a real find for those girls whom nature has not endowed with lush hair. By creating several layers, the hair will look thick and voluminous. If you want to make such a hairstyle for luxurious heavy strands, stylists will also go forward. In this case, thinning is used, with the help of which the hair lies in a certain direction, acquiring the desired shape.

Stylish styling

A stylish haircut is suitable for all ages, both young ladies and older ladies prefer to do it. Depending on the application of this or that styling, the hairstyle acquires a more daring or, on the contrary, elegant look.

Double bob is rightly recognized as a universal hairstyle. It is perfect for going to the office, for everyday walks and for going out. A business image can be created if the strands are carefully straightened, and an evening or romantic image can be created if curls are curled.

A double bob for medium hair has an undoubted advantage over a similar haircut made on short or long strands. Hairstyle is the best option because it is easier to maintain and does not require such careful styling.

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Features of the design of the haircut

Double caret for medium hair is performed using a certain technology. However, this does not mean that a fashionista will not be able to show imagination when decorating her hairstyle and express her individuality. You can diversify the hairstyle with the help of certain details.

You can vary the length of the upper and lower tier haircuts. The difference between them can be insignificant or, on the contrary, very significant. In the latter case, the contrast between the two components of the hairstyle is deliberately emphasized. Different variations of haircuts are presented in our photo review.

The hairstyle can be done without bangs. This design option is ideal for girls with regular facial features, a haircut will additionally emphasize their beauty. The location of the parting can be changed in accordance with the individual wishes of the fashionista, it can be straight, oblique, located on the side or clearly in the middle.

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However, at this point it is necessary to pay attention directly during the creation of the haircut, since in the future the styling will be done in this way.


A double caret for medium hair with bangs, if necessary, will help adjust the shape of the face:

  • if a girl wants to hide an excessively high forehead, an elongated bang is ideal for her;

  • if you comb the bangs to one side or make it oblique, then you can make the cheeks visually smaller;

  • if you want to make an additional emphasis on the eyes, you should prefer a short bang;

  • torn bangs will help rejuvenate the image. She will make the fair sex more fresh and rested.

Varieties of double caret

Although at first glance it may seem that the haircut looks monotonous, it is absolutely not. In 2019, stylists offer many options for its creation, among which are the following:

  • Applying a smooth transition. The upper and lower layers seem to flow into each other, despite the difference in height, they are a single whole. This hairstyle will be appreciated by ladies of a more mature age, it gives the image elegance and at the same time softness and restraint.

  • Sharp separation of the upper and lower layers. This design option is considered the opposite of the previous one. When creating a haircut, a clear boundary is established between the top and bottom. The hairstyle is ideal for young fashionistas who want to make bright and memorable bows.

  • volume at the crown. This stylistic technique will help correct certain shortcomings, namely, to make a too elongated face more round. In addition, it will add extra volume to overly thin hair.

  • Double caret with extension. This version of the hairstyle has a clearly defined difference in length between the upper and lower layers. The effect is achieved by cutting the top higher, at ear level.

  • Volume at the back of the head. This hairstyle will be appreciated by girls who want to visually add splendor and density to their hair.

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  • Application of thinning. This primer can be used on thick voluminous hair, if you thin out the inside of it a little, it will lie down better and easily acquire the desired shape. However, owners of unnecessarily thin strands should be careful about thinning, it is better for them to focus on giving the haircut a multi-layered effect.

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Haircut styling options

The fair sex will be able to use this hairstyle to create a variety of images. Depending on the mood and the desired effect, different styling methods can be used, among which the following can be listed:

  • elegant hairstyle, which is achieved through careful styling and hair straightening;

  • styling imitating…

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