Double cascade for medium hair

A voluminous and luxurious double cascade on medium hair is suitable for ladies with any type of face. What kind of haircut is this, how to style it festively and daily – we will tell and show on photo examples.

Double Cascade and who suits

Cascade is a very fashionable haircut today, loved by ladies of any age. Suitable for all types of hair and adapted by an experienced master to any type of face.

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A sub-variety of the cascading haircut – the double Cascade is called so for the obvious, visually noticeable difference in the layers: the first “level” of the layers goes higher – maybe even in the form of a “cap” near the crown, and the second – at the very tips.

Experts can change the arrangement of layers to achieve the most luxurious result and the desired volume. In this case, the strands can be cut in smooth layers with almost imperceptible transitions between each other, or the hair is intentionally created with torn ends.

Who is the double Cascade suitable for:

  • for girls with thin hair – this hairstyle gives the necessary volume and splendor;

  • ladies with thin hair should make the border between the layers minimal – so that the lower strands do not look very rare;
  • oily hair will look well-groomed and fresh for a long time;
  • girls with a narrow face – the volume of the Cascade will visually expand the face;

  • elongated strands are suitable for chubby ladies – you do not need to start the first or second layer of the Cascade at the level of the cheeks, but at least from the chin line;

  • with neat facial features and expressive eyes, girls can safely choose a double cascade for medium-length hair without bangs;
  • women with a large or wide face are also better off choosing Cascade with lower layers. And also think about a long bang, it will disguise a high forehead;

  • with a narrow chin and a triangular type of face, it is necessary to strive so that the layers are located in the chin area. In this case, you can try to lay the strands with the tips to the face;
  • ladies with a square or rectangular face, the first level of the Cascade should be located just above the ears. Bangs – oblique, asymmetrical, torn – will help to further brighten up the shape of the face.

Look at the photo – rear and front views, side views – options for a double Cascade to choose the best one for yourself, and show an example to the master for inspiration.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important. The shorter the strands are cut – at the crown, at the back of the head, near the face – the more time will have to be devoted to styling.[/stextbox]

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Creation, maintenance and installation of a double Cascade

Cascading haircuts can be done on short, medium and long hair. On very short hair, a double Cascade is impossible – the length of the strands is not enough. This option is done on medium hair – from the chin line to the shoulders, and on long hair. It is best to contact the salon, to an experienced hairdresser, then the haircut will look luxurious and easy to style.


There are many options for hairstyles – we offer photos of the best women’s bows.

Styling hair with such a haircut is very easy, especially if it is straight – a hair dryer and a comb are enough. With this, you can create something new:

  • wind the lower hair, and leave the upper hair straight;

  • twist the upper strands, giving volume and tenderness to the look, the rest hang neatly behind or scattered over the shoulders;
  • twist the tips outward – make a bold hairstyle, or inward – give romance and elegance to the image;

  • change the parting, make it zigzag or diagonally, or even try to go to the evening without a parting;
  • style bangs differently.

With long bangs

But the creation of a Greek hairstyle, “tails”, weaving braids and other complex styling – do not go well with a double Cascade haircut – strands of different lengths will try to slip out of the hairstyle or braid, creating a messy look. But, if you want something long and special, you can perform a light perm or carving on such hair.

Laying option


Hair care with such a haircut is standard and simple, but we recommend updating your hair every two months, cutting off dry and split ends.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important. Double Cascade is best done on straight or slightly wavy hair. On very curly hair, the layers and the boundaries between them will practically not be visible. [/stextbox]

Double cascade for medium hair and coloring

It doesn’t matter, with or without bangs – such a haircut can be made very original and individual due to highlighting:

  • only the upper strands of the “hat” are highlighted in bright, light or contrasting colors. This can be classic highlighting (evenly and symmetrically), coloring like feathers or playing with options: only bangs, front strands, one side of the head are painted;

  • the lower strands are tinted in dark or red, leaving the upper ones natural. Here you can apply the ombre technique (gradient staining);

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  • two-tone highlighting is very fashionable in 2019, and it can be done asymmetrically;

  • add coloring with several shades close to the natural color throughout the hair;

  • dye or highlight only bangs.

If you choose full coloring, then the double Cascade looks good on light, red and dark hair. Keep in mind that girls with dark hair should be especially strict in choosing a master – on such hair, all layers and strands are very clearly visible.

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Options for a double Cascade for medium hair are shown in our photos. Luxurious array of inspiring looks for stylish ladies.

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