Down jackets for the winter 2020-2021: trends

It’s time to choose fashionable down jackets for the winter 2020-2021. They are an indispensable trend of the autumn-winter seasons for the last seven years. With the help of a down jacket, you can create a stylish, unique, feminine set. Try to do this by choosing one of the modern models of down jackets.


Down jacket features

Quilted outerwear came into fashion from China. Previously stitched insulated fabric was used as a lining. Having slightly modified it, modern designers have made stylish winter outerwear out of it. The fabric of a down jacket, as a rule, does not let in cold, moisture, keeps heat well. As a filler for outerwear, natural fluff and feathers, holofiber, synthetic winterizer, and other types of synthetic fiber are used, which, with their apparent lightness and subtlety, perfectly retain heat.

Down jackets for the winter 2020-2021: trends

Below we consider the most popular styles and models of outerwear that are in the down jackets group. Outerwear in the style of sport and sport chic is especially popular among young and young women of fashion. In this case, the most relevant are the following options for down jackets:

  • Bomber jacket. Its distinctive features are a shortened style, the presence of a wide knitted elastic band on the placket and on the cuffs of the sleeves. Sometimes a bomber jacket is decorated with a stylish wide turn-down collar made from the same elastic band. The bomber jacket is comfortable to wear. Especially the jacket will appeal to those girls and women who prefer freedom of movement and created style. Bomber jackets can be stylishly combined with quilted trousers, jeans, midi skirts and rough boots. The image can be completed with a stylish knitted cap in color.

  • Another option for a sports down jacket is a parka. Unlike the standard parka, this jacket is made from water-repellent quilted material. As a rule, the parka is decorated with a hood with artificial or natural fur, large patch pockets, secret pockets in the chest area. In the park-down jacket, the winter days of 2020-2021 will be warm and cozy. It is undesirable to combine the park with high-heeled shoes. In this case, you can get the opposite effect – dissonance, a divergence in styles. Otherwise, a down jacket can be combined with jeans, sportswear and shoes, boots with rough soles and lace-ups. The parka also looks interesting with a skirt or midi dresses.

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Oversize and hypersize styles

This outerwear option is suitable for girls and women under the age of 40 or a little older. Oversight and hypersize down jackets have not lost their relevance for several seasons in a row. Interesting this winter will be models with an asymmetrical cut, diagonal stitching. In an oversized or hypersized down jacket, the female figure looks more fragile and delicate. But remember that a large down jacket is not suitable for obese women. It will visually add even more kilograms.

The most stylish down jackets in this series are the blanket and cocoon models. Unlike the usual styles with zippers, modern designers offer outerwear with buttons, snaps and even long ties. With the help of a large down jacket, it is possible to visually hide the imperfections of the figure – excessively wide hips, lack of a bust and even excessive thinness. An oversized down jacket will not spoil even a figure of short stature.

Please note that such outerwear may have a short or long cut. Which one to choose is up to you. For driving a car, the length of the down jacket to the middle of the thigh will be optimal.

Women’s fashionable down jacket for the winter 2020-2021 in a large size can be beautifully combined with pleated skirts and dresses, with knitted clothes, with column-heeled shoes. The only shoes that are not relevant for the Oversight down jacket are stiletto boots. Although here you can experiment. In the end, if the hairpin is allowed to be worn even under sweatpants, then why not. With a certain amount of expression in character, such a combination will favorably emphasize your mood.

Elegance in fashion

An interesting novelty of the current autumn-winter season 2020-2021 are down jackets in an elegant style. Outwardly, they resemble evening or cocktail dresses. An elegant down jacket has an elegant, often small or medium-sized stitch, a fitted cut, a belt, set-in pockets, possibly a turn-down collar, a stand-up collar, its absence, and even a delicate hood.

If we are talking about a long down jacket, then more often it reaches the knee or even the ankle. With shortened models, the down jacket will cover most of the thigh. And its length will be a palm above the knee. Such outerwear is more suitable for an evening out or for going to the office. It is desirable to combine an elegant, not too voluminous down jacket with the same shoes – stiletto boots, column heels, elegant lace-up boots.

A stylish elegant down jacket can be supplemented with a silk scarf, leather or knitted gloves, and an interesting hat.

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Style Casual

Another interesting option for a down jacket for the winter is a quilted long vest. Volumetric outerwear is practically no different from a coat. It just doesn’t have the usual long sleeves. In a down quilted vest it is convenient to be behind the wheel or just in the car. Such clothes can be interestingly thrown over a midi knitted dress, over a set of jeans and a turtleneck sweater, or combined in an original way with skinny trousers, boots, and a light pullover.

Oddly enough, but down vests are well slim. Especially when paired with heels. Look for a model with a diagonal herringbone stitch if you want to visually look more elegant.

Stylish winter colors

Fashionable colors for a down jacket winter 2020-2021 are:

  • Snow white. At first glance, it may seem that white will merge with the snow cover and simply erase your image. But it is not. A snow-white down jacket can be interestingly combined with accessories of any other bright and contrasting shade. Then your bow will definitely attract attention.

  • All sandy warm shades of brown. The softer the color, the more interesting your winter look will be.

  • Shades of red. These include scarlet, burgundy, marsala, wine, salmon, orange. In one of these down jackets, you will definitely be the center of attention.

  • Shades of blue. Sky blue, azure, turquoise, electric blue are preferred.

  • Green down jackets. A great option for blondes and brunettes of any age. Juicy, emerald or grassy greens are a godsend for a cold winter.

  • Prestelnye, soft powdery shades. Especially suitable for women over 50, as they beautifully and easily refresh the complexion. Visually reset a few years.

Stylish decor for a down jacket

If a winter down jacket for you is the presence of pockets and a tractor zipper, then it’s time to forget about such models. Today…

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