Down with winter volume, focus on the waist in spring 2021 with 8 stylish belts

In the spring of 2021, trendsetters advise not to forget about such an important accessory as a belt. This magical thing, able to emphasize the waist or balance the proportions of the figure, should be registered in the wardrobe of every woman. And you can’t do without one belt: you definitely need a basic one, and at least a couple of trendy ones that you can choose from eight stylish options.

peplum belt

Basques continue to hold positions on the fashion pedestal. They harmoniously look with any clothes: with a jacket and a shirt, with classic trousers and a skirt, with a dress and a trench coat.

There is no better way to emphasize the waist and visually “make friends” with all the details of the image than by wearing such an accessory. Made of leather and fabric, with a buckle, buttons or tied ends – this belt always looks advantageous, adding femininity even to the most severe look.

Animal print belt

For those who like to spice up the image this season, there is an offer to try a model with an animal print. Zebra, python, leopard and even cow colors are in trend. Suitable to wear with skirts, trousers, dresses.

However, you should be careful with such accessories – you can’t overload the image with an animal print. It is better to limit yourself to only a predatory belt. Or add another similar pair to it – either a handbag, or a scarf, or shoes.

Corset belt

The corset has not gone out of fashion for several seasons. And this is not surprising: “making a waist” with such an assistant is not difficult. It will favorably emphasize the forms both in a dress and in a loose shirt, it will comfortably fit even the most unfeminine oversized.

A corset made of leather looks especially impressive, no matter what accessories are used with it – buckles, buttons or laces. In addition, it is a hard leather thing that will best hold the waist in its “shores”.

Belt with small fanny pack

It’s a great idea to wear a strap with a small fanny pack or pocket this spring. It is not only fashionable, but also comfortable and functional. Such a thing will fix the trousers in the right place, and emphasize the waist favorably, and keep the necessary little things in your pocket.

The pocket or handbag itself can be of different shapes, in splendid isolation or in a pair, or even in a triple with comrades. Such accessories are worn not only in the belt loops of trousers or skirts, but also over a jacket, light coat or shirt.

Belt with a buckle in the form of a fashion brand logo

A little chic can’t hurt a casual laconic look. To do this, wear a branded model with a buckle in the form of a logo. The basic details of the image will look especially relevant if they are united, for example, by a Valentino or Gucci belt.

That’s just bundled with it is better to use other accessories without a logo.

Two straps or more worn at the same time

To turn an ordinary thin strap, which was sent to the list of anti-trends this season, into a fashionable thing, it is enough to find a worthy company for it. For example, a couple more of the same texture, and perhaps completely different.

This season, the waist can be safely emphasized with multi-layered belts. Or it is allowed to wrap one long strap around the waist several times and fasten it.

Belt with chain or chain instead of a belt

The hits of the nineties and zero have returned to modern fashion, and with them accessories such as chains. They look great as a solo accessory. But the chain is no less spectacular when paired with a standard leather belt. This accessory is perfect for both everyday and evening wear.

Chains are appropriate with a cocktail dress, and with jeans, and with a leather skirt, and with a light top. Strict trench coats and jackets will only benefit from such a stylish addition.

Braided rope belt

An accessory such as braided rope belts can easily complement a variety of looks. For example, a Greek goddess or a mermaid, if you gird an elegant dress. Or climbers – when the rope on the belt looks like an element of the equipment of the conqueror of mountain peaks. This image is suitable for lovers of sports chic.

Ropes at the waist are also relevant for boho and ethnic styles that do not go out of fashion.

This coming spring, a fashionable belt will add femininity to any chosen look. Properly selected, such an accessory can become not only an addition, but also a key detail that will only emphasize the dignity of the figure.

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