Drawings on nails: trends and novelties

Drawings on the nails are a great opportunity to refresh your image. After all, no matter what you depict, it will look more interesting and livelier than just nails covered with a plain varnish. Today we have prepared for you a selection of unique drawings that will make your nail art unique and memorable.

Beautiful marigolds

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Trendy color palette 2019

Before plunging into the world of the original manicure, let’s decide on the most relevant color schemes that fashionistas most often prefer this season.

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Nice nail design

For fans of everything natural, nail design can be done on the basis of pastel colors. For example: pink, beige, milky, mint, lavender, pale blue and sand will be a great addition to your everyday look. Drawings made in these colors look laconic, restrained and at the same time very cute and feminine. They can be easily combined with any clothing and decor.

Gentle ombre

And for lovers of more solid and saturated shades, it is better to create a manicure in bright colors. Moreover, modern fashion trends are quite replete with similar options. Bordeaux, golden, purple, chocolate, terracotta, black, crimson, emerald, blue, silver – all these are the colors in demand today that can spice up even the most boring day.

Bright marigolds

No less popular is nail design with thematic drawings. As a rule, these are prints associated with the season, holidays or specific events in a woman’s life. In fact, on the nail you can depict everything that matters to you or just can please you. After all, creating a mood with a manicure is elementary.

New Year’s bright design

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For each holiday or season, you can highlight your personal shades. If we talk about the New Year, then these are: red, green, blue, white and blue tones. If you love autumn, then focus on golden, brown and burgundy colors. And for those who love spring, soft green coloring will always be in fashion.


Drawings for beginners

To depict stylish drawings on nails, it is not at all necessary to have a pronounced artistic talent. Take a look at the photo below – these are all examples of elementary patterns that are easy to make even for a beginner.

Easy drawings for beginners

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Among them, the most popular are:

  • Geometric figures. If you have a perfect eye, then you can easily recreate any regular geometric shape on your nails with your own hands. But most girls just don’t have time to draw straight lines. That is why they willingly use a special thin adhesive tape, with which it is elementary to create a simple figurative print. It is enough just to stick the adhesive tape on the primary layer of varnish, cover everything with a secondary layer and tear off the tape. That’s it, your manicure is ready!

Geometric drawings for beginners

  • Dots and circles. Of the improvised tools that are constantly in our everyday life, it is most convenient to depict points with a toothpick. There really is nothing easier! It is enough to dip the tip of a wooden stick into the varnish of the desired color and gently move it onto the nail. Determine the width of your circle yourself. The arrangement can be both meaningful and chaotic.

Stylish polka dots

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It is impossible to get a thin and elegant pattern with a toothpick. It is better for her to depict large patterns.


  • Monograms and waves. Two more options for simple patterns that are not difficult to make even for a beginner. To do this, it is enough to cover the nail with a base coat of varnish and let it dry. And then, armed with a thin brush, you can draw wavy lines or chaotic patterns. How the drawing will be placed, how many bends and elements will be, what the secondary color will be – it all depends only on your imagination. Let her run wild and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

Monograms on the nails


Among the most popular patterns on nails, the new 2019 gradient is especially popular. The photos that we presented in our article demonstrate that this nail art looks very gentle and colorful. It is based on at least two, but three or four colors are better, smoothly turning one into another.

bright gradient

Performing such a manicure at home is quite problematic, but with the help of a cosmetic sponge and skill, you can try. Apply the desired varnishes tightly to each other on any surface, then mix their borders with a toothpick. Dip into the resulting mixture of colors sponge and transfer it all to the prepared nail, pre-coated with base polish.

Sponge manicure

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To make it easy to remove excess varnish from the skin around the nail after applying the gradient, lubricate the cuticles with either a special compound or a greasy cream.


Water nail art

Do you want to get a unique pattern on the nails, which you definitely will not find on any other female representative? Then you absolutely need to apply a water manicure. The technology of its execution is extremely simple. Cover the nails with the main varnish of the color you like. Next, take a cup of water and drop some of the colors you want to create a pattern into. Now boldly lower your fingers into them. What appears on your nails will eventually become a pattern. And believe me, it will be beautiful!

water manicure


For romantic persons this season, the masters have introduced a fashion for lace. Thin openwork looks very elegant and noble, suitable for various situations and for any length of nails.

beautiful lace

To get the perfect beautiful drawing, you can turn to a manicure master who will make a masterpiece on your nails. But if this is not possible, use a special stencil at home. The effect will be about the same, but the cost of the procedure will be minimal.


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In 2019, lace is especially in demand in dark colors.


Ideas for manicure with gel polish

  • Black manicure. No, this is not a tribute to a well-known subculture. Currently, black nail art, diluted with other bright elements, is at the height of fashion. Many women willingly include it in their everyday look and even go to work with the same manicure. Black color is very popular this season, which means that by covering your nails with it, you definitely can’t go wrong. But the option will look even better, in which a pattern of contrasting white or red color will be applied to one or two fingers.

Black manicure

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Black manicure is very bright. Therefore, if your hands are not in order, it will immediately catch your eye. So, before applying for a long time so …

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