Dress as a fisherman and look stylish: everyday looks a la “fishing” and “for mushrooms in the forest”

Bows with home clothes firmly entered the podium. Today, the wardrobe of pajamas and sweatpants has replenished with another trend – a fishing suit. Relaxed images a la “fishing”, “for mushrooms”, “into the forest” were seen in many popular brands.

Main trends

Houses Celine, Tod’s, Ami, Victoria/Tomas showed the most believable fishing outfits. In the proposed images – relaxed trousers, men’s shirts, worn out sweatshirts. The role of the main attribute is played by fashionable Panama. Mandatory wide brim, accent strings – exactly the same as those of the fishermen.

A waterproof baseball cap is allowed instead of a panama.

Fashionable spring clothes of an unusual style are easy to complement with other accessories:

  • geometric decorations;
  • pearls;
  • multi-colored beads;
  • bulk chains;
  • flower decorations;
  • bags and gloves.

Angles, lines and straight lines – this trend is welcome next spring, but it has been tested not only for years, but also for millennia.

Even in ancient times, the masters were inspired by the surrounding world and nature, today Armani called for an emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Main highlight

As proof, he released an important accessory of a relaxed look – high boots.

Ideally, they should be rubber, and in addition, they are suitable for spring:

  1. Treads.
  2. Lace-up shoes.
  3. Sneakers.
  4. Ankle boots.

If the image is going to your taste, then it is desirable to wear the most comfortable.

In the parent closet you can find a vest, a vest, a T-shirt, an old corduroy shirt, shorts. You can wear all this not only as clothing for outdoor activities.

Color solutions

A fashionable fishing look is relevant for a city walk in rainy weather.

To dilute the dullness, designers offer a variety of spring combinations:

  • fuchsia and black;
  • pink and green;
  • blue and yellow;
  • brown and blue;
  • gray and pink;
  • milky and blue;
  • green and yellow;
  • menthol and black;
  • raspberry and orange;
  • white and beige.

The Pantone Color Institute traditionally announces its color of the year. In 2021, this is not one, but two tones – Ultimate Gray, Illuminating. The main message is the right to combine neutral and bright.

Fashionable shades of gray and yellow complement each other perfectly, and they are chosen as a recognition of gender equality and social progress. According to Pantone, bright yellow represents optimism and cheerfulness, while gray represents composure, resilience and stability. Two colors can be beautifully applied in fashionable bows “for fishing”, “into the forest”, “for mushrooms”.

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