Dress code for a business woman

The unforgettable Coco Chanel is not accused of anything! And the emergence of a women’s business suit is also attributed to her. But not everything is so simple. The history of the business suit is full of intrigue…

With the beginning of the rapid development of machine production, the so-called “third class” felt its own importance and enthusiastically began to build its own well-being on the world stage. There were people whose origin was doubtful, and their main capital was their own skills and abilities. And if before that, first of all, it emphasized social status and betrayed belonging to a certain class, now a new type of suit has appeared – the same “business suit”, whose main function was mimicry – a business suit made it possible to become an inconspicuous part of the big world of business, to penetrate into it and establish yourself in it in order to further build your own career.

This is how a men’s business suit developed – not the worst option, by the way, because he borrowed his best features from the culture of dandyism – conciseness of color, restraint of form, contrast of accessories. It was only in America that he turned into the so-called Sack Suit (suit-bag, the uniform of countless clerks), and on the continent, where the canons of elegance were cultivated for centuries, the men’s suit became an example of the purity of style, English first of all and, then, Italian. But that is another story.

In a modern office, high heels, shawls and stoles, pleated and pleated skirts, dresses, leather and suede items, romantic blouses, tight-fitting turtlenecks, sleeveless tops that are worn under a jacket are allowed.

What about lovely ladies? Throughout the 19th century and a decent third of the 20th, they still took care of their family and home, and worked only as milliners or actresses, and therefore, they did not feel the need for a business uniform. And Chanel herself, by the way, started as a milliner, and her outfits served her as the best advertisement. And only when the world was shaken by the world war, and the social foundations of society were stirred up by the ideas of feminism, women put on suits, whose motto was convenience instead of beauty.

Alas! Since then, the business suit of an office lady has not become more aesthetic, although today a lot of indulgence in the image of femininity is allowed in it. The woman in the gray suit still lives in most offices, she negotiates, runs businesses, and even appears at important international meetings. But, fortunately, fashion trends have also penetrated this citadel of invisibility: the business suit of the 21st century has become a complex system of clothing, it requires no less skill and knowledge of modern trends from a woman than any other clothing.

Lyudmila Prokofievna from the film “Office Romance” in her baggy brown suit and practical shoes with steady heels is a rather odious image, although not without a certain truth in our past reality.

Today, an active, bold and elegant lady has replaced the leader without gender and age. She, of course, wears a gray suit with a knee-length skirt – where could she go from a hundred-year-old uniform! But even this anachronism complements not a shirt cut with a silk blouse, but a feminine blouse or a contrasting men’s shirt, a knitted T-shirt or a jumper, and if the cutout of the jacket is not deep, he wears it directly on very sexy underwear.

The jacket itself is also undergoing very significant changes. The most popular is still the length to the middle of the thigh, it is such a jacket that is most advantageously able to emphasize the female figure. The jacket can be fitted, it can be complemented by a belt or even a belt, it can be either single or double-breasted, and even resemble an English blazer – a naval jacket that has passed into the wardrobe of socialites.

The decoration of a women’s jacket can be buttons – large, of an unusual shape or material, contrasting or covered with fabric. Sometimes it is enough to cover the buttons of a completely boring jacket with fabric to achieve a stunning effect!

The sleeve, as a rule, is long – this is the most conservative option, but it can also be fashionable today with a length of 34. In this case, either a tight-fitting sleeve of a turtleneck or a knitted T-shirt, or a blouse sleeve, moderately feminine and not too lush, can peek out from under the sleeve. Sleeve 34 can be decorated with a thin row of detachable dark lace – in the event that social events happen after work, such decor will add the necessary festivity to the outfit. Another tricky move is to have lace cuffs with you, which can be tucked under a regular long-sleeved jacket.

The skirt is considered a more conservative option for an office suit than trousers, although today it seems there are no offices left where trousers would not be in vogue. And skirts can be of a wide variety of styles. A straight, not emphasizing figure skirt of moderate length is by no means a hit of the season today. At the height of fashion – a pencil skirt with a slightly high waist, very sexy, especially with high-heeled shoes. You can wear a flared skirt, folds are not forbidden, pleating is trendy this season. The length can also be different. And while the mini is non-grata in any office, a knee-length skirt can be quite appropriate.

Absolutely impossible: fishnet tights, sandals, high heels combined with short trousers, jewelry with large gems, small bags on a gold chain, thick sweaters with and without necks, very short skirts, leopard and tiger colors, evening dresses with a bare back .

Pants should be chosen in a moderate width, classic black trousers in combination with a gray or blue jacket are an almost win-win option. But you can pay tribute to fashion trends by adding width to the trousers (complete with a fitted jacket or vest), or wear cropped tight trousers with high boots.

Recently, it has become fashionable to wear a narrow sheath dress under a jacket, sometimes decorated with voluminous pockets. Such an outfit allows you to diversify your wardrobe, because a sheath dress can also be worn as a sundress, complementing it with beautiful blouses. A wide belt or a decorative belt will add charm, and by taking off your jacket and adding a dress with beads or a scarf, you can go out in the evening.

The unwritten code says that jewelry should not be too much and they have no right to shine too much or catch the eye with their shape or size. However, the world is changing, and today the office dress code allows bracelets, beads, and earrings. Of course, you should not sparkle with diamonds, but discreet jewelry will not be able to spoil your reputation.

It’s no secret that a business woman should look perfect not only during working hours, but also at social events, which for her are often…

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