Dress for the new year 2020 for obese women: 5 stylish looks

New Year’s Eve, the most exciting, magical and beautiful holiday. And on this night, any woman, regardless of age and physique, wants to look as elegant, attractive and stylish as possible.

White Metal Rat, a symbol of the upcoming new year. Ideally, the outfit should be silver, white, steel, pink, grey, smoky, or black. As for fabrics and finishes, these are velor, lace, guipure, lurex, sequins, rhinestones, fur and velvet. Everything that sparkles, shimmers and attracts the eye, is at the peak of evening, festive fashion.

Let’s try to pick up five stylish images for a woman in the body, emphasizing her dignity, and unobtrusively hiding minor flaws. The Rat loves bold and creative people who are not afraid to experiment. Therefore, you should not choose dresses in the style of “gray mouse” and modestly sit in a corner.

princess outfit

Every girl dreams of wearing a princess dress at least once. And the new year is the most suitable occasion to try on such an outfit. It can be a floor-length silk dress with a wide flying skirt and a fitted top with bare shoulders, or 3/4 sleeves. You can wear soft ballet flats or pumps with a small heel to this outfit, and tirelessly have fun all New Year’s Eve.

Short guipure dress

Who said curvy women can’t wear short dresses? A knee-length or slightly lower model looks great on an appetizing figure. And if it is trimmed with lace and guipure, it will look festive, gentle and stylish. Heeled shoes, visually stretching the length of the legs, curled loose hair lying on the shoulders complete the image of the fatal beauty.

Small black dress

It’s impossible to go wrong with this outfit. A short black dress has not lost its current position for many years. This outfit can be off-the-shoulder, sheer sleeves, or a top, shiny or more understated. It can be played with iridescent silver jewelry: long earrings that lengthen the neck, an elegant belt that emphasizes the waist or a necklace that makes the neckline seductive and attractive.

silver glitter

A silvery short sheath dress will neatly hide problem areas and emphasize beautiful legs. You can choose models with trim in the form of contrasting stripes or the same fittings: belt, buttons, bows at the waist or shoulder. If you complement the moon outfit with sparkling jewelry, high-heeled shoes and a high hairstyle with hair pulled up, then you can surely be the queen of the party.

Enticing shuttlecocks

Ruffles and ruffles on an evening dress are the best way to hide problem areas. Moreover, if they are sewn on the chest, they will distract attention from the lush hips, and the frilled dress belt will visually make the waist narrower. The main thing is not to overdo it. Ruffles should be in one part of the waist: on the sleeves, hem, chest or on the sides of the outfit.

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