Dress styles 2019: fashion trends

Do you want to look irresistible in the upcoming spring and summer season? Then you need to find out which styles of dresses will be the most fashionable in 2019. In our review, you can get acquainted with the latest innovations and trends that are used in their creation.


Current fashion trends

The main purpose of the dress is to create a feminine image. Depending on what style the fair sex prefers, this piece of clothing can be elegant, evening, casual and even sporty. With the help of certain models, you can maximize the attention of others and create a unique bow. It is important for a girl to choose the right style for her in order to present the figure in a favorable light for her.

Let’s look at the main trends of this year, which were presented by designers on fashion catwalks.

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The colors of dresses in the upcoming season are extremely diverse. But fashionistas should pay special attention to the following options:

  • light pastel colors, which are the best suited for the warm season, they will bring freshness to the image;

  • floral and floral prints that pass from season to season remain invariably popular;

  • cage is one of the current trends. As can be seen from the review of fashionable styles of dresses in 2019 in the photo, the cell can be large or small, standard black and white or color. A variant that looks like a drawing on a chessboard looks very interesting;

  • stripe – a pattern that also passes from season to season. If you use the longitudinal arrangement of the strip, then it will help to visually stretch the silhouette and make the figure slimmer;

  • bright saturated colors – very much in demand on the eve of spring and summer. In this case, the dress can be both monophonic and contain a combination of different colors. Yellow and orange tones are very relevant, which are associated with sunny summer;

  • snow-white color is perfect for summer, it is considered one of the favorites of the season;

  • lovers of originality will appreciate the leopard print, colors imitating reptile skin.

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As for the styles of dresses that are relevant in 2019, their choice is incredibly large. Designers offer girls such fashion trends:

Robe dress

This is a very comfortable model that is perfect for daily outings, especially in the hot season. The style is characterized by the presence of a smell, the product is fixed at the waist with the help of a wide or narrow belt. If a light silk fabric is used in the manufacture, then the product looks like a kimono.

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Important! This model is perfect for women who want to hide extra volume in the waist. The smell will make it look much thinner, especially if there is drapery in that area.


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Sheath dress

This is a classic that is not influenced by fashion. Such a thing is ideal for going to the office, because it looks restrained and elegant. Fashionable styles of dresses for every day in 2019 are also presented in such a style as a sheath. Spring or flight options may contain a shortened sleeve or be completely without it. Models made of silk, satin, lace can be used for an evening out.

With the help of the style of the case, you can correct certain figure flaws. This model is ideal for both curvy women and thin women, so it can be called universal. To make the figure visually slimmer, contrasting inserts of dark material located on the sides will help.

Sheath dress for curvaceous ladies

Dress shirt

This cut is perfect for making stylish youth bows. The shirt can have different lengths, be shortened or reach ankle level. An asymmetrical length looks interesting when the thing is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Some models contain spectacular cuts on the sides. Buttons can be located along the entire length of the product or be located only in the upper part, reaching the level of the waist. For spring and summer, shirts made of cotton fabric or airy chiffon are ideal.

A-line dress

This model is characterized by a slightly flared cut that widens from the top down. A-line refers to the styles of dresses that are designed for obese women and are the most fashionable in 2019. This model will help to make a slimmer figure due to the fact that it hides extra volumes in the waist and hips.

asymmetrical dress

Such a thing is one of the most spectacular design solutions. Asymmetry can be applied at the top or bottom. For example, evening models in which one shoulder remains open look very interesting. This technique helps to attract everyone’s attention and make the image irresistible. The skirt can also be asymmetrical, for example, have different lengths in the front and back or in the sides.

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Important! With the help of asymmetry, you can focus on one or another part of the body. So, if it is applied in the upper part, you can emphasize beautiful shoulders and arms. Using this technique at the bottom will help draw attention to slender legs.


Sport dress

The product is ideal for creating youth casual looks. It is characterized by simplicity of cut and conciseness of design. For tailoring, mainly natural, well-breathable fabrics, such as cotton or knitwear, are used. The style can be close-fitting, trapezoidal, free oversized. The thing is perfect for everyday walks around the city. It looks very harmonious in combination with sports sneakers or sneakers.

T-shirt dress

Refers to one of the novelties of the upcoming season. The thing has a straight cut, can be shortened or elongated. In the latter case, spectacular side cuts can be used for decoration. The product is perfect for creating images in casual style.

T-shirt dress

It is an alternative to the previous style. A distinctive feature of such a thing is the absence of sleeves, it may contain wide or narrow straps. For decoration, all kinds of colors can be used, both restrained and bright saturated. The use of a variety of prints and inscriptions is widespread.

Depending on the features of the cut of a particular model, it can be used to create different images. So, a loose T-shirt can be worn with sports shoes, and a product that is adjacent to the figure, known as “noodles”, looks harmoniously with feminine sandals.

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