Dress styles that hide the belly

Dresses that hide the belly and sides should be in the wardrobe of every girl who wants to look perfect despite the features of the figure. In this article, we reveal to our readers the main tricks for choosing the right model, and also talk about the unambiguous taboos for this figure. It will be interesting!

Rating of successful styles

And immediately good news: successful styles for correcting imperfections are enough for you to choose the perfect option for yourself.

  • Flared silhouette designed to emphasize the chest and at the same time expand downwards to hide imperfections. Choose a dress with an extension from where you want to disguise the tummy.

  • Stylish wrap dresses not only represent the chest and neck in a winning light, but also visually slim, make the shoulders neater and hide the features of the lower part of the figure.

  • The new trend among wrap dresses is kimono stylewhich boasts of its versatility. It masks various imperfections and at the same time makes the figure more feminine and fragile.

Stylish kimono dress

  • Peplum style takes on 2 important tasks: it hides the stomach and sides, and also makes the waist slimmer and more expressive.

Elegant option with a peplum

  • IN shirt dress You will not only be on the wave of fashion trends, but also correct your figure. This is a practical piece that can help you create a stylish everyday look, and when complemented with jewelry, the dress turns into an outfit for a special occasion.

Beautiful shirt dress

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  • If in general you have a slim figure, but you think that the stomach and sides need to be adjusted, you can choose a youth dress with frills. It looks playful and romantic – just what you need for a date or a flirty mood!

Dress with ruffles

  • Interesting style “bat” Designed to diversify the classic everyday wardrobe. It is characterized by a narrow bottom and a loose top from the sleeve line – this guarantees the masking of the tummy. Stylists recommend complementing this dress with heels.

Bat style

  • Case style – assistant number 1 in the perfection of the figure. To achieve the desired effect, look for a dress made of thick fabric that holds its shape perfectly. The ideal model will not be tight and at the same time will favorably emphasize the silhouette of the figure.

  • Trapeze – This is another great option for you if your body type is “apple”. This cut looks strictly and restrained, so it is great for office everyday life.

The trend of the new season is asymmetry in various manifestations, and this is definitely in the hands of those girls who want to hide something in their figure. Such a design solution distracts attention from any problem and looks stylish.

  • balloon dress is a very ambiguous model. It looks great on tall women of average build, but it does not suit the owners of large breasts or full legs at all.

balloon dress

  • Low waistline and a lap in this area are effective assistants in figure correction. If you can afford to accentuate your hips, opt for a straight or fitted dress. The overlap will take on the task of hiding everything superfluous in the problem area and at the same time not increasing the volume.
  • Stylish casual looks often include oversized dress. This style will give you freedom of movement, comfort and masking of all figure flaws.

But be careful! It is very easy to get lost in a baggy dress, so placing accents in such a bow is a must.

  • Beautiful dresses with shoulders straight cut is a great idea for working days.

  • Various variations of dresses on the theme of style high waisted – a godsend for girls who want to correct the stomach and demonstrate a beautiful neckline. The dress will perform this function only if the lower part falls freely, and the waistline does not dig into the body.

  • Dropped waistline will also work for you. It is important to find a model in which the dividing line is not located immediately under the stomach and does not fit it. If you choose the right style, then the overlap of the fabric will masterfully correct what you do not want to flaunt.
  • Pleating – this is not only a trendy trend, but also a great way to make the figure more slender. Choose loose styles of pleated dresses and create the most stylish looks with them.

asymmetrical style

The asymmetrical cut of the outfit is not only an original trend, but also an excellent distraction from the imperfections of the figure. It is important that the highlight in the cut is not located on the problem area – that is, not on the site of the abdomen.

Stylish examples of asymmetry – original neckline, differences in length, creative hem. Stylists advise choosing plain asymmetrical dresses and combining them with laconic shoes and accessories.


Achieving visual perfection is easy with a classic A-line dress, which is listed in the category of an indispensable base. A loose fit will suit girls who want to hide their tummy and hips and at the same time emphasize the décolleté.

A-style summer dress looks stylish with romantic ruffles along the length. Models for the cold season are concise in execution, but surprise with interesting textures – for example, leather or denim.

The A-line is a winning alternative to the outdated hoodie dress. Slimming is not shapeless outfits, but well-chosen styles.

Jacket dress

Everything is perfect in a dress cut with a jacket: the versatility of combinations, an impeccable fit, corrective properties. The latter are guaranteed by a belt at the waist, a vertical row of buttons, a V-neckline and a wraparound cut.

Opt for a solid-colored blazer dress in a dense texture that draws a clear silhouette. Such a novelty is easy to include not only in a business outfit – the current cut is also appropriate on weekdays in combination with sneakers. Another reincarnation of a dress-jacket will turn out if you complement the bow with heeled sandals, evening styling and bright lipstick.

Linen style

A must-have for tender and attractive girls is a lingerie-style dress. To hide the belly and sides, choose a model with a straight, free cut, combined with a tight jacket to the middle of the thigh and shoes with heels.


Stylists say with one voice that the perfect dress for a full woman has a classic V-neck. Such a cut detail in practice noticeably transforms the figure and visually slims. The choice of dresses with a check mark neckline is huge – you can find a model for everyday life and for a special occasion.

Emphasized at the waist

Emphasis on the waist, combined with a loose cut in the abdomen and hips, is a technique that works flawlessly and corrects the figure. The desired silhouette is created by wrap dresses and other models with a belt at the waist and a flying fit below. Accessories come to the rescue – belts, false peplums, fanny packs.

In theory, volume…

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