Dresses for autumn 2020: trends and novelties

This article will focus on the most fashionable dresses for autumn 2020. Choose what new items will decorate your wardrobe for the cold season!

Trends and novelties of the season – autumn 2020


A dress that resembles your favorite sweater in its style can justifiably be considered a winning solution for a fashionable bow 2020. But it should be borne in mind that such models have undergone some changes in their design.

So, tight and tight silhouettes faded into the background – today oversized and the desire for comfort rule the fashion ball. At the same time, it is now important to mix loose styles with a leather belt to form a beautiful feminine figure.

The length of fashionable knitted sweater dresses can be different: the choice depends on the features of the figure and favorite combinations. For example, mini-length products look great in a duet with luxurious over the knee boots or casual lace-up boots. And for midi-length clothes, stylists recommend choosing fashionable knee-length leather boots.

Accent sleeves

The trend that implies the presence of voluminous shoulders or sleeves in the design of dresses does not leave the fashion catwalks. Such a cut is always associated with femininity and elegance, therefore, for a record long time, it has not lost momentum in popularity.

from denim

As the most practical and versatile dresses for autumn, models from everyone’s favorite denim are announced. This material is great for cool weather due to its density.

As for the current models of women’s denim dresses, they please with variety. For example, when choosing a dress for a stylish fall 2020, you may prefer a sundress, a wrap model, a tailored shirt, or a variation with a belt.

If desired, denim can be successfully rhymed in multi-layered ensembles. For example, an extremely stylish bow will turn out if you add a trendy leather shirt to a denim dress. Another option is to use a base layer in the form of a turtleneck, sweatshirt or shirt. The main thing is to open up to experiments, and then actual multilayer ensembles will turn out by themselves.


Fashion trends for autumn 2020 also highlight leather dresses that are warm, practical and comfortable at the same time. This season, the styles of the case, models in a shirt cut, A-line and obvious oversize deserve special attention. The colors of such dresses can be any – and not only classic dark, but also caramel, powdery, green and berry shades.

Designers at their shows clearly showed what to combine a leather dress with in order to be the most fashionable. For example, you can create a tandem with a matte elongated jacket, a matching coat or a basic bottom layer. Shoes with an elongated cape, Cossacks or ankle boots with a square toe can act as shoes.


Velvet with its inherent sophistication, elegance and nobility is deservedly considered the real king of autumn dresses. But, despite such an interesting character, velvet outfits are now applicable not only in an image for a special occasion, but also in a bow for every day.

school style

Utterly charming and innocent school style dresses are also meant to be trendy and trendy. Such models most often have contrasting collars and a discreet design. For such a novelty, there will surely be a place in the wardrobe of many fashionistas, because it is easy to style it in an image for work, a date or a party. Set the right mood, as always, shoes and accessories will help.


Among the top new products of autumn 2020, sundress dresses also occupy a worthy position. In order for such models to perfectly warm in cool weather and look stylish, it makes sense to prefer a model from the actual dense texture – leather, denim, velveteen, velvet or knitwear.

Fashionable sundresses are charming because they allow you to create different looks based on one model. To achieve this variety, improvise over the base layer by matching shirts, turtlenecks or sweatshirts.

With smell

Sophisticated classic – wrap style – is also a stylish solution for the fall 2020 season. Such a model is beautiful in that it corrects the figure, namely, it slims, hides the stomach, highlights the waistline and visually lengthens the silhouette. A wrap-around outfit embodies elegance and versatility. Such a dress in the autumn season can be beaten with a fashionable necklace with a chain and a hard-shaped bag.

trench coat

Modifications of dresses with other things can hardly be called novelties, because they have retained their relevance positions for a long time. For example, in the fall of 2020, designers made a bet on styles a la trench coat, coat and jacket.

[tds_note]Such models effectively emphasize the waist and present the figure in a winning light..[/tds_note]

The self-sufficiency of the design is also captivating – such dresses themselves look stylish and do not need complex additional accessories. The only thing that can be implemented is the layering technique, which involves combining an outfit with a basic jumper or turtleneck.


Is the slip dress on the list of top fall trends? Yes! Even such an exquisite and sensual model made of weightless silk or satin is easy to beat in an outfit for cold weather. To do this, you can think of an interesting and stylish combination with an elongated jacket, a large-knit cardigan with buttons or a trench coat in a noble midi length.

You can also wear the combination correctly in a multi-layered bow. For example, such an outfit will not seem too summery if you complement it with a jumper or turtleneck.


The romantic design of women’s dresses has not lost its relevance. The decor in this style looks great not only on summer outfits – the designers willingly made friends with it with products made of dense texture.

What fashion trends will be key in such new products? First of all, it is worth highlighting various frills, ruffles and flounces. Lace inserts, voluminous bows and corset ties in the design of autumn outfits also became a non-standard solution.

All these novelties are a great way to emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

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With cape

A dress with a cape in the form of a cape and slits for the hands is also considered a chic novelty. Such a model will look elegant and presentable, which means it is ideal for creating images with a special scarf. For example, many girls will certainly prefer this style for important events and meetings.

Cape dresses in noble rich shades – emerald, burgundy or purple deserve special mention. Dresses in white or beige also have genuine luxury.

Bohemian style

In the fall season of 2020, a new round of popularity will find a bohemian style that is exquisitely combined with notes of glamor and elegance. Depending on the material, design and decor, such a dress can be a great option not only for everyday life, but also for evening outings.


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