Dresses for New Year’s Eve 2020: 5 fashionable styles

In the New Year, many people want to look irresistible. Everyone wants to meet him in beautiful clothes. Women on this day can show all their beauty and surprise those present. However, choosing a dress can be very difficult even for the most true fashionista.

Shining gold and silver dresses

The main trend for the new year is dresses that are made with a shining effect of gold and silver. If you want to look brighter than others for the main holiday, then it is better to choose brilliant models. These options can be with long skirts or mini skirts. When choosing a style, you should give preference to the golden version, since the patroness of the year has a golden disposition.

Long dresses to the floor

If possible, for the celebration of the New Year it is better to choose options for the floor. Such dresses guarantee success at the celebration. In this case, it is better to choose plain models without a complex cut and a large amount of decor.

A new trend is dress options resembling a women’s dressing gown. They suggest smell. Such dresses make a woman much more feminine and spectacular. The material of such dresses can be satin, silk, velvet.

If there is a desire, then it is better to choose a silver decor with embroidery and rhinestones. However, such dresses are not suitable for all options for celebrating the New Year. The atmosphere where the holiday takes place should be appropriate.

Options from satin, lace, with a large slit, with a fluffy skirt, with an asymmetrical bottom will look ideal. An open back will add a highlight to the outfit. The cutout can be made as a rhombus or a droplet. It can be made with a rocker, decorated with mesh, lace, binding, ribbons or fringe.

Mini dresses

Mini dresses remain at the peak of popularity. These dresses are suitable for celebrating the New Year. The model must be chosen depending on the figure. The silhouette can be loose or fitted. Showiness along with sequins or lace will give. Such dresses can be with a fluffy skirt, asymmetry and transforming from long to short.

Red dress with full skirt

Red color is considered bright and remarkable. New Year’s dresses in red will look especially chic. Designers offer in this style a skirt below the knee in a flared version. Plain dresses made of chiffon, satin, lace, velvet are possible. The sleeve can be long or short. A cutout on the back or a chic neckline will look beautiful. For the New Year’s celebration, this is most suitable.

Original layered dresses

Many layers greatly transform the look of the dress. This is true for New Year’s outfits. This year, to celebrate the celebration, designers offer layering of delicate fabrics. Such fabrics can be chiffon, organza, lace. Mixed fabrics may work. These fabrics will look more voluminous and seasonal. Layered dresses can be asymmetrical cut, have slits, decoration from the same fabric, and also complemented by a belt.

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