Dresses for pregnant women: fashionable styles 2019

Today we will talk about fashionable dresses for pregnant women and with the help of photos we will present you the most fashionable and bright options. After all, pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of every woman. And during this period, I want to feel no less feminine, elegant, and also follow new fashion trends.


Tips for choosing the perfect dress

In the first trimester, nothing really changes – old clothes fit, you can always put on your favorite little thing from the wardrobe. But in the second, you will have to seriously think about changing the arsenal from the closet, so much so that the clothes are both fashionable and beautiful, and at the same time also comfortable.

Beautiful maternity dresses for the warm season

  • Comfort comes first! Clothing in no case should squeeze or pull the area of ​​​​the abdomen, hips, chest and arms. Carefully select tight-fitting clothing, there should not be any discomfort.

Comfortable and beautiful dresses for pregnant women

  • Regardless of the season, give preference to natural and breathable fabrics – cotton, satin, linen, chiffon. In autumn and winter, knitted dresses will help you out, they stretch and warm perfectly. Such materials will definitely not cause an allergic reaction, will not interfere with blood flow, and therefore will not harm the health of the mother and baby.

Warm dresses for the cold season

  • If you prefer a dress with clasps or elastic fabrics, you can safely purchase it in a slightly larger size. Each woman’s figure changes differently during pregnancy, but this can never be predicted with certainty. So you definitely won’t go wrong.

Loose dresses “for growth”

Versatile dress during and after pregnancy

  • Discard shapeless and unsightly hoodies in an endless attempt to hide your belly. There are many options for dresses – both casual and elegant, and they are sewn specifically for expectant mothers. In addition, many believe that a rounded tummy gives women a special charm and causes affection among others.

Dresses that accentuate a rounded tummy

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On the heels of fashion

World designers make sure that pregnant women can also follow the latest fashion trends. At the same time, they approach the issue with all the subtleties so that future mothers can feel comfortable.

Fashionable drapery

In 2019, maternity dresses are complemented by a variety of decorative solutions – draperies, pleated. And frills and folds will help to give the image of romance and festivity. They bring a special charm and emphasize your femininity. The main thing is not to overdo it with decorative elements.

Romantic and airy maternity dresses

Feel free to stand out and choose bright colors – red, blue, pink. Geometric prints are also in trend – with skillful selection, such a dress will help to hide the increased volumes.

trendy styles

The most fashionable styles of dresses for pregnant women in 2019 will allow every expectant mother to feel luxurious and confident. Using examples from the photo, you can choose the most suitable option that will emphasize your beauty and femininity.

  • Trapeze. Such models of dresses have a free cut and fit perfectly on any figure. The main advantage of this model is modesty and elegance. It does not focus on the stomach at all and helps to hide it. It also has a wide margin, so that a more rounded tummy will not be a reason to put it aside.

  • Loose fit – the most convenient option for women in position. This style absolutely does not constrain movements and gives its owner comfort throughout the pregnancy. In addition, you can wear it after childbirth until you bring the figure back to its previous shape.

  • Tunic dress will help you out during the preparation for motherhood, and after childbirth. Such models are available in a wide variety of lengths – you can complement them with leggings or wear them separately.

  • A-line dresses – a very fashionable trend of women’s dresses. Help hide the enlarged tummy and extra pounds. Such dresses are also made of woolen fabrics, which makes them indispensable in the cold season.

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  • High waist dresses do not lose popularity. On pregnant women, they look very beneficial and harmonious – they perfectly emphasize the chest, put an emphasis on the growing tummy. The figure looks more feminine and pretty. Ideal for a photo shoot to capture one of the most important moments in the life of every woman.

  • Dress shirt has long won the favor of fashionistas around the world. This model has a loose straight cut, which is very comfortable for everyday wear. Ideal for walking, but this style of dress for pregnant women is appropriate during the spring-summer season – they are too light. The photo shows that this universal version of the dress is suitable for almost any figure and it is very well emphasized by an elegant belt.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! During pregnancy, the figure changes literally before our eyes and sometimes you have to buy a lot of clothes for different trimesters. A transforming dress will be a great way out.[/stextbox]

This model has horizontal slits and lining. As soon as the tummy increases in size, these incisions open up and an insert from a different tissue appears. Thus, the need to buy a bunch of dresses will disappear until the end of pregnancy, even if the belly grows to a very large size.

Dress-transformer for pregnant women

For a celebration or photo shoot

Modern pregnant women lead an active lifestyle and are not locked within four walls. Therefore, you definitely need to purchase some interesting dress model for going out. You can visit someone’s celebration in it, go to a theater or a restaurant, arrange a photo session.

For a festive option, it is better to give preference to elegance and simplicity. Don’t overload your look with too many details or embellishments. This can lead to the fact that the figure will become more voluminous. Pay attention to 1-2 details in your image – it can be a frill, an interesting pattern or decor with a small amount of rhinestones and pebbles.

Long dresses – whether it is an ordinary everyday sundress or an evening option, always look great on pregnant women. And they are always on the trend list. They perfectly hide plump or swollen legs and make the silhouette more slender.

Dresses in the Greek style or empire dresses are perfect. A high-waisted style with a flowing delicate fabric made of guipure, chiffon or silk will accentuate your figure favorably. The image can be supplemented with a high hairstyle, and you will definitely be the most irresistible!

Empire style dresses

For pregnant women, there are also many options …

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