Dresses in linen style: fashionable images

Incredible popularity among fashionistas is gaining dresses in linen style. In 2019, such daring models, reminiscent of nightgowns, are actively conquering the world’s catwalks. In them – the sacrament, sexuality and femininity.


Criterias of choice

Flirty dresses in lingerie style tirelessly strengthen their position in fashion. Today, this style speaks of the good taste of its owner. But only under the condition of proper selection and combination with other clothes from the wardrobe. Let’s find out how to choose the perfect option for yourself according to the latest fashion trends.

First of all – for which figure are lingerie-style dresses suitable? Such combinations look great on slender young girls. Moreover, the type of figure can be absolutely anything – an apple, a triangle, an hourglass. Even for boyish figures, such dresses will give feminine curves.

Do not forget that the texture of fabrics in linen style will highlight all the flaws in your figure. If there is a small tummy, sweep away the tight-fitting cut. The lining under the main fabric will help to solve this problem.

For a curvaceous figure, it is best to choose loose dresses to the floor. If you have a large bust, you need to pay attention to models with cups.

Different models of dresses in lingerie style for any type of figure


Such models of dresses are created from light flowing fabrics. It can be silk, satin, chiffon, guipure. There are also options for velvet and suede dresses that fit the lingerie style due to the style. They are mostly applied to evening outfits. Very textured dresses are made of leather, but they need to be combined with more care.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Such fabrics are very delicate and require care. Wash them by hand or on a delicate cycle. Dry vertically – hanging by the straps. [/stextbox]

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The most preferred length is midi (knee-deep or slightly higher). In general, stylists this season allow all options – from exquisite long dresses to charming minis. It all depends on the event and the established dress code. For example, for an evening bow, a maxi lingerie model with a piquant slit is ideal.

Trendy colors and prints

If we talk about colors in monochrome, it is linen shades that are very popular – beige, cream, light pink, blue, peach, pale gray. Dresses in classic black are also relevant. Such options are practical and combined with a lot of things in the wardrobe. If you choose transparent fabrics, then the product must be multi-layered.

Lovers of a bright palette of colors were not offended either – designers present such dresses in red, green, blue and other shades. The leading position this season is also occupied by marsala – a muted shade of red. Very deep and noble color.

Often you can find models decorated with floral and geometric patterns. Do not forget that animal prints have triumphantly returned to the catwalks this season. The leopard color of the dress will look very stylish. You can combine this image with rough men’s boots and a leather jacket. As a result – not a drop of vulgarity!

decorative elements

In 2019, linen-style dresses can be decorated with guipure, appliqués, various embroidery, feathers, satin ribbons. They mainly use those elements that adorn linen. The hit of the season is lace decor.

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trend models

Lingerie style has become one of the leading trends in the fashion trends of recent seasons. The most diverse styles are presented in the photo collections from Calvin Clein, Cloe, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and other fashion designers.

Linen-style dresses are primarily associated with a seductive nightgown with straps. But there are other fashionable styles in this style. Let’s look at the current models together:

  • Combination – the most popular and sought-after style. This dress has a fitted silhouette and very thin straps. Sometimes complemented by an open back. We advise you to take a closer look at such velvet dresses – it always looks luxurious.

  • Chemise dress made in a trapezoidal style and usually complemented by a V-shaped neckline. Its distinguishing feature is the long sleeve. Most often, such models are classified as boho-chic and complemented with accessories from the era of the 70s.

  • Dresses in ethnic style. Reminiscent of a long shirt or shirt with a sleeve. They are sewn from very light, almost translucent fabrics.

  • Robe dress made with a wrap on the belt. Complemented by a deep neckline and flared sleeves. The front can be decorated with buttons or a zipper. By the way, this style is very helpful to hide figure flaws.

  • Linen style dresses with lace. Usually, lace inserts go on the neckline on the chest and decorate the bottom of the dress. The trim can match the dress itself or play in contrast. It is lace that gives the dress even more tenderness and romance.

Fashion combinations

When the most suitable version of a dress in linen style is chosen, a natural question arises – with what to wear this extraordinary element of the wardrobe to look elegant? It is important to feel the edge so as not to make the image vulgar and tasteless.

Such models are often chosen for evening style, but are not limited to this. For the office, of course, they are hardly suitable, but everyday outfits will complement with a bang. Do not neglect experiments! In the photo in our selection you will find the most fashionable and original options for images with dresses in linen style.

Combine these dresses with knitted cardigans, denim jackets and even a biker jacket. The trend of the image in this case creates a play of textures.

A very fashionable combination is a lingerie-style dress and a plain T-shirt underneath. Colors must be combined with each other. An ordinary white T-shirt will become a universal option. This will create the effect of layering – a trend in 2019. Especially this option is suitable for those girls who consider such a dress too frank.

In the cool season, under the dress, you can use a turtleneck or a thin jumper under the throat. In addition, layering will add modesty to this somewhat daring outfit.

The current trend in winter and autumn has become the peeping hem of a linen dress from under a sweater dress. This works if the bottom is decorated with lace.

Dresses in linen style are also worn over jeans or skinny trousers – a combination for the most daring.

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