Dresses that are no longer in fashion 2021

Among the dresses in every girl’s closet, there may be those that are no longer in fashion in 2021. We decided to make a selection of anti-trend dresses so that you can review your wardrobe and get rid of these things. But, do not throw them away, because they can become relevant again in a few years.

Dress styles from the category of anti-trends 2021

If your favorite comfortable dress that you have worn at least a hundred times has moved into the category of anti-trends, then it is definitely worth replacing it with some fashionable model. Being fashionable and following all the trends can be difficult, but we are trying to help you in this difficult matter.

So, in 2021, the following dresses went out of fashion:

  • Fitted. It is not relevant this year to wear too tight dresses made of thin knitwear. Their minus is that they repeat the outlines of the figure and emphasize all the existing flaws. Very often they are sewn from thin knitwear, which further contributes to this effect. It is better to replace such a model with a thing made of a denser material, as well as loose dresses that do not hinder movement.

  • Sweater dress. Here it should be clarified that the old-fashioned dress is precisely the short fitted sweater dress of large knitting. If you like cozy dresses, then for the winter you can buy yourself an oversized sweater dress. The length is better to choose up to the knee or below the knee. In this outfit, you will look very stylish, and you will also be comfortable and warm.

Fashion sweater dress

Oversized sweater dress

  • With a flared skirt that holds its shape. There are such styles of dresses in which the skirt is very fluffy and keeps its shape. This style is no longer fashionable, because such a skirt can change the proportions of your body for the worse. Give preference to dresses made of light, flowing fabrics – they look more natural and feminine. In addition, models decorated with ruffles and frills are very popular today.

Anti-trend dress

  • From guipure. The previously popular guipure has lost its relevance in 2021, and dresses made from this material have become anti-trends. Guipure is not able to keep its shape, and it also spoils the figure of its owner. You can replace such models with mesh dresses – simple or decorated with floral embroidery. They look fresher and more attractive.

Any anti-trend has an alternative, so don’t be afraid to part with your things. They will be replaced by more fashionable and beautiful ones – there is no doubt about it.

Out-of-fashion dress details

Any dress or its individual details were once fashionable and were very popular with girls who follow the latest trends. But, times are changing, and with them, the views on everything around are changing. If we want to look stylish and arouse the interest of others, then we need to take into account all the rules that knowledgeable people dictate to us.

You should also know about a couple of details that decorate dresses that are no longer in fashion in 2021. The first detail is the bass. Peplum dresses were loved because this additional element could emphasize the waist and make the hips wider. That is, he brought the figure closer to the most successful proportions. But, these dresses have been in fashion for too long, and now they have become irrelevant. Wrap dresses are a great alternative, which, moreover, has been on the fashion show for a long time.

Dress Basques

Wrap dress

No need to wear dresses with inscriptions and bright decor. The inscriptions on the dresses look unsuccessful in any performance. Only teenage girls can afford this, but we do not advise them to do this either. Inscriptions, sequins, stones and rhinestones cheapen the dress and the image as a whole. An alternative is a dress with a print that is relevant in a particular season. They will look appropriate in any situation.

Also, fashionistas stopped wearing models with flared sleeves. In 2021, dresses with flared sleeves have become a definite anti-trend. They make the image heavier and look uninteresting. It is better to replace such sleeves with flashlight sleeves. In 2021, they have become an important part of dresses, blouses and other clothing.

Dress prints that are no longer in fashion

Some dress prints are no longer in fashion in 2021, so it’s worth talking about them. For example, girls who have reached the age of majority and, accordingly, women, we categorically do not recommend wearing dresses with children’s prints. These are a variety of funny drawings, inscriptions, cartoon characters and other images of this kind.

3D printing is also not fashionable. Such images resemble photographs or wall murals, so it is best to leave them in their place. For an adult woman who cares about her appearance, they definitely will not fit.

There are a lot of dresses with actual prints, so there are plenty to choose from. Choose models with classic prints – polka dots, checks, stripes, as well as with floral patterns. Care should be taken when choosing an animal print. He almost never loses his popularity, but often girls manage to create the most ridiculous images with him. Think well about future looks when you buy such a dress.

You can see all the dresses that are no longer in fashion in 2021 in the photos located here. If you’re wearing any of this list, then it’s time to go shopping. Follow fashion trends and try to create your own style.

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