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Dropped Pants and 8 Other Returning Trouser Fashion Trends for 2020

Pants are a fashion trend that is popular in any season. Recently, low-waisted trousers have been increasingly worn again. Consider what other trouser products are popular in 2020.

fashion trousers

Low landing

Low-rise trousers are perfect for tall, slender women. On girls of small stature, such things will look good in the absence of excessive fullness.

Low rise trousers

Office option

The office version of a wardrobe item is always in trend. It is better to get models of calm tones: beige, blue, gray, brown. Things of these shades look fashionable, stylish and restrained, great for work.

Pants for office

You can complement the item of clothing with suitable accessories:

  • blouse
  • turtleneck;
  • shirt;
  • thin sweater.

A jacket is perfect for any type of office trousers.

Checkered trousers

The main favorite of the current year is a cage of different types and sizes. In trouser models, this innovation is also reflected. Any kind of wardrobe items are relevant: short breeches or pants of maximum length. It is best to complement the vintage with a knitted sweater, sweater or knitwear.

Checkered trousers

High coquette

Products with a high yoke also became a hit of the season again. They are perfect for those who want to highlight the waistline. You can emphasize the beauty of the product with the help of a top in the style of lingerie that is gaining popularity or a fitted blouse. A high coquette will help to give the image of a girl romance.

Pants with a high yoke


The chinos style in 2020 has gained immense popularity, especially among fans of the military option in clothing. Stylish military-type wardrobe items look very elegant, beautiful, feminine. An excellent addition to the model will be high-heeled shoes and a fashionable coat.


Velor pants

Velvet products are gaining more and more popularity, especially this year. Velor items have become a trend. Products are produced most often in emerald, burgundy, blue or wine colors. Any of these shades will give the image of a woman sophistication, noble and chic look.

The most popular velor clothing items are the following models:

  • wide and short;
  • high waist;
  • floor length trousers.

Velor pants

Leather products

Leather products are considered a trend at any time. In 2020, designers released models in various shades: beige, black, mint, purple, green, ocher. To create unique images, the trousers are complemented by a high yoke and are available in different styles: retro, flared, oversized waist.

Leather pants

Wide pants

This year, the main focus is on the width of products. The wider the item of clothing, the more fashionable its owner looks. In the autumn-winter period, it is better to choose models from a dense material that allows the product to keep its shape and create interesting images. In the spring and summer months, it is worth wearing light pants made of airy fabrics.

Wide pants


In 2020, stripes have become another trend in the fashion world. Any model of products will make the image of a girl unobtrusive. The color range is unlimited.

Pants with stripes

Fashion trends in 2020 are mostly made up of models that have repeatedly been popular in earlier times. Therefore, do not throw away what has long gone out of fashion.

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