Dry hair oils: how to apply?

What woman or even a very young girl does not strive for the beauty and well-groomedness of her hair. Indeed, in the appearance of a woman, hair means a lot. It is worth changing the hairstyle and you have a completely different image. For hair care, there is a very large number of all kinds of products. Dry oils are not the last among them.

If you look into the bathroom cabinet of a self-respecting woman, you can almost certainly see all kinds of essential oils there. After all, they have an excellent moisturizing effect. When applied to the hair, essential oils add amazing shine and softness to the hair. But when using essential oils, greasy hair often appears.

So what to do? There is one absolutely wonderful way out – the use of dry oils. What it is, what it consists of and how to use it is described in this article.

Dry oil. What does it represent.

Judging by the name, you might think that this product is like a powder. But this is not true at all. In composition, it is a liquid base and is sold in bottles as a spray. But why “dry”? The thing is that the production uses a type of oil that is lighter in its structure. Thus, it does not give the hair a shiny look.

Dry oil can be considered a novelty in the market of cosmetic services. In fact, this is also an essential oil, but not containing these same esters. Therefore, when sprayed on hair or skin, there is no sticky and greasy effect. Another indisputable advantage of dry oil is instant absorption. You do not need to rub the oil and wait for it to be well absorbed, you can immediately do your hair or dress.

The composition of dry oil is almost the same, regardless of the manufacturer. The main components are necessarily a protective filter from solar radiation and directly oil, either almond, or macadamia nut or any fruit. But the further composition, each manufacturer may vary significantly.

How can dry oil be used?

The range of use of dry oils is wide. They can be used for body and hair care. This oil is suitable for all types of hair. And it can be used in different situations.

  • Application to wet hair.

You need to wash your hair as you usually do. Lightly dry with a towel and spray from a distance of about 20 cm. Pay special attention to the tips. Dry oil is good because it will not weigh down your hair and will not add extra unnecessary oiliness. No need to rinse. You can do any hairstyle right away. Or you can just comb your hair and enjoy their beautiful view.

  • Application on dry hair.

If you want to add shine and unique silkiness to your hair, but do not have time to wash your hair, apply oil directly to dry hair. To do this, squeeze a little oil on your hands and make stroking movements through your hair. You also don’t need to rinse anything. It is especially recommended to carry out such care in the summer, when the sun emits too much ultraviolet radiation. Thus, not only surprise everyone with the beauty of your hair, but also protect them from the harmful effects of the sun and wind.

  • Application against split ends.

To prevent this problem, dry oil is the best way to go. Just after you have washed your hair, spray the oil directly on problem areas.

Dry oil is used not only not in summer. Its benefits are obvious in any season. But in summer, the effect of the application is still more pronounced in the summer. The sun, the wind, salty sea water, hot sand on the beach, yes, you can enumerate the negative factors that affect a woman’s hair as much as you like. And dry oil will help with all this.

Oil can be used in different ways. To prevent split ends, apply the oil to the palms of your hands and lightly rub into the ends. To give silkiness and shine, you can rub it all over the hair. Start at the top and go down. After you have washed your hair, dry oil is applied from the middle of the hair, without affecting the roots. This is necessary so that the hair has a natural volume.

Don’t be afraid to use dry oil if you’re using any other beauty products. It goes great with any of them. And also advice for women expecting a baby. Use dry oil and you won’t get those nasty stretch marks.

Dry oil gives hair not only beauty, but also natural strength and health. The oil helps protect your hair from the negative effects of environmental factors and gives it everything you dream of.

The effect of using dry oils.

Of course, the first effect that you will see is the lightness and smoothness of your hair. And with regular use, you will see the result of UV protection. Hair gains life and natural health. Dryness and dullness disappear. And of course, how not to mention the presence of antioxidants in the composition of dry oils. So your curls will always have a young and well-groomed appearance.

Can not but rejoice and ease of use. Remember how convenient it is to use any product in the form of a spray in personal care. Dry oil, just released as a spray. Therefore, you only need to press the cap and the oil will carefully and gently envelop you with its magical aroma. Most importantly, don’t forget to close your eyes.

The oil can be used on both dry and damp hair. Depending on the effect you want to get. To add shine, smoothness and well-groomed spray oil on dry hair. And to nourish and moisturize your hair, use the oil after washing your hair. As you know, the remaining moisture on the hair will not evaporate, but thanks to the oil it will begin to be absorbed into the hair shaft.

The benefit of dry oil for moisturizing hair is obvious. You don’t have to do any body wraps or use gloves. It is enough to spray the oil and you can style your favorite hairstyle.

There is another effect worth mentioning. For many, this factor is decisive. This is an amazing dry oil scent. You get a healing effect, but you do not have to endure unbearable smells. As for example, in the treatment of hair with onion wraps. Oils have unique fruit or flower aromas. It can be rose, jasmine, rosemary, vanilla or gardenia. There are oils with the addition of a perfume composition. Therefore, when using dry oil, you will get not only a healing effect, but also a wonderful aroma.

Gold-containing dry oil.

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