Dry hair shampoo

If it turned out that you urgently need to run somewhere, suddenly guests came or your young man invited you on a date, and you haven’t washed your hair, and you don’t have time to wash it, dry shampoo will help you in this difficult situation.

Dry shampoo looks like a powder, you don’t need water to use it, you just rub it into your head, and then simply comb out the shampoo residue from your hair with a comb or regular comb.

Before use, the dry shampoo bottle must be shaken well, then sprayed onto dry hair at a distance of about 40-45 centimeters. The shampoo absorbs dirt and oil and gives your hair volume and the feeling that your hair has been washed, thanks to the fact that the shampoo contains extracts of rice, oats and corn.

At first, the dry powder was produced in the form of tiles and had to be crushed to turn it into a powder. This shampoo is especially suitable for those people who have dry, brittle or oily hair, since oily hair needs to be washed very often, and sometimes it just doesn’t work, and dry and brittle hair, on the contrary, can’t be washed often, and dry shampoo is the most gentle way.

But often you can’t use it either, because it doesn’t wash your hair, as a regular shampoo does, and dandruff may appear over time from a constant amount of fat on your hair, so it’s better to either alternate it with regular shampoo or even use it in those in cases where regular hair washing is not possible. Dry powder can also be used at work, especially if after it you go somewhere for a walk, and you will not have the opportunity to wash your hair.

Some dry shampoos can be used as a hair styling product. The most popular shampoos are shampoo brands – Naturia Rene Furterer. It’s great for everyday use and has the most neutral ph. it also contains vitamin b5 and essential oils of mint, eucalyptus and cumin.

Dry shampoo “Expert-Balance” – it contains menthol, glycerin and vitamin E. One of the disadvantages of dry shampoo is that it is only light in color and it may not suit girls with dark hair. It can also leave marks on dark-colored clothing.

Dry shampoo can also be prepared and at home for this you need to mix a glass of flour, preferably coarsely ground, with a teaspoon of salt, or you can also take ground almonds and flour in equal amounts, pour this mixture into salt shakers with large holes and use it, as well as purchased . You can try another recipe for such a shampoo – 1 tablespoon of ground or crushed almonds, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1 tablespoon of crushed orris root, mix it all up.

If you have dark hair, then instead of flour, soda and starch, you can take cocoa powder, this is necessary so that the uncombed residue does not turn into dandruff on your hair. Modern shampoos, or rather their recipes, have passed to us from our great-grandmothers, and modern technologies have simply made its use more convenient and simple.

If you always have dry shampoo on hand, then you can not worry about the condition of your hair, it will always look clean and beautiful.

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