Ducan’s diet

This diet was developed by Pierre Dukan and is actively used in Europe. This is both help in the fight against extra pounds, and stabilization of impaired metabolism, which is often the root cause of body fat. The motto of this four-step diet is “eat as much as you want.” Tempting? If you want to rid yourself of enemies, make them your friends. In this case, food will become a friend and helper in the fight against excess weight.

Before you start, find out your ideal weight. In accordance with the data, the subsequent stages of the diet will be calculated.

Each stage has its own characteristics, but there are provisions that are characteristic of all stages. Oat bran and 1.5 liters of liquid should be included in the daily diet.

It is necessary to take daily walks for at least half an hour, and also to do physical exercises in the morning.

Stages of the Dukan Diet

  • The first stage is called “attack”. It includes products of protein content. The leader in the amount of protein is eggs, but not their yolks, where in addition to protein there are fats. Therefore, at the first stage, eat no more than two yolks, proteins – in unlimited quantities. Lean meats, such as horse meat, veal, rabbit and beef, are also allowed for consumption, with the exception of entrecote and fillet. Ham and lean poultry without skin, fish of any kind, seafood, low fat dairy products can all be included in the daily diet. Minimum oil and fat. One and a half tablespoons of oat bran. You can eat as much as you like without bothering to count calories.
  • The second stage is “alternation”. Protein days alternate with vegetable days. You can alternate in ratios of 11, 22 or 55. For people with large overweight, 55 is optimal. The use of starchy vegetables at this stage is prohibited. All other vegetables are allowed, but the consumption of carrots and beets should be kept to a minimum, they are too high in sugar. Cooking can be combined with products of the 1st stage, increase the amount of bran to 2.5 tablespoons.
  • The third stage is called “fixing” and lasts based on the weight lost. For every kilogram lost, there are 10 days of consolidation. The diet of the first two phases also includes fruits (with the exception of grapes, bananas and cherries), bread, bran in the amount of 3 tablespoons, mature cheese and starchy foods. Randomly, twice a week, you can have feasts, allowing yourself everything your heart desires.
  • The fourth is the stabilization stage. It is designed to consolidate the results. Eat everything, but keep the protein fasting day. Daily use 3.5 tablespoons of bran, do not forget about the protein day.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the Dukan diet. It is suitable for everyone who loves to eat deliciously and wants not only to lose extra pounds, but also to remain slim, beautiful and active for the rest of their lives.

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