Easy ways to hide imperfections on the beach

How to hide figure flaws on the beach? Sooner or later, most women ask this question, because a rare lady can boast of a perfect figure, perfect skin and the absence of complexes. The rest have to resort to little tricks to look decent on the seashore. So today we decided to share with you a couple of effective life hacks so that you feel confident when you put on a swimsuit.

Choosing the right bathing suit

A well-chosen swimsuit is the basis of a beach look. Therefore, his choice should be taken with all responsibility. And this is especially true for ladies who cannot boast of a slender figure. However, the variety of models is now so great that it will not be difficult even for plump women to find a beach suit that will hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of their appearance. And take a closer look at the following styles.

  • Bathing dress or swim dress. Perhaps this is the most feminine type of swimsuit that exists today. It looks like an ultra-short dress, but it does a good job of masking problem areas. Moreover, modern models, as a rule, are made of slimming materials, which allows you to conceal the stomach. And the skirt reliably hides imperfect hips. By the way, this outfit can be used for a beach party.

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  • Monokini. And this model can be called the most versatile, because it sits equally well on slender girls and curvy ladies. In its simplest form, a monokini is a one-piece swimsuit that completely covers the torso from chest to hips. This style makes the figure noticeably slimmer. However, there is another variety of these swimsuits – monokini with open sides. They are suitable for those girls whose tummy bulges a little in front, but in general the waist line is well defined.

  • high rise. Hide your belly on the beach This interesting retro model will also help, the main feature of which is high-waisted bottoms made of dense fabric. This style is especially suitable for ladies with massive hips and a voluminous belly. Elastic material will pull away the hated folds and make the figure more harmonious. However, when choosing such a swimsuit, be careful with the print. It should not be too bright and contain large elements.

  • Tankini. Beach women’s tankini suit is a kind of version of a two-piece swimsuit. Its upper part is a top, and swimming trunks or shorts act as a bottom. Thanks to this tandem, all the imperfections of the figure are securely hidden. But the chest, covered with tight-fitting material, acquires a beautiful shape. And in order to visually make the silhouette slimmer, look at the two-tone models, where the top is printed and the bottom is solid in dark colors.

  • bando. This is a very beautiful swimsuit model that will look best on ladies with a pear-shaped figure. Its main feature is the absence of straps. And this means that only girls with non-massive forearms and moderately large breasts can afford such a beach suit. But the imperfection of the lower part of the figure will help to hide high swimming trunks. Bondo is also often found in a continuous version.

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In addition to a well-chosen swimsuit hide flaws figures on the beach for fat women following a few simple rules will help.

  • When choosing a beach suit, give preference to dark colors, as they noticeably slim.
  • If you want to buy a light swimsuit, then let it be one or two sizes larger so that treacherous folds do not form in problem areas. Elastic fabric should cover everything securely.
  • Also, ladies with forms should definitely refuse such decor elements on a beach suit as rhinestones, sequins, frills, large flowers. After all, if they are located in the “wrong” places, this will only make the figure heavier.

  • If you have beautiful breasts and want to divert attention from imperfect belly and hips with it, then by all means choose a swimsuit model with a deep V-shaped or oval neckline. Believe me, it will make the right impression.
  • If you have large breasts, or if you are shy about its shape, then get a swimsuit with underwired cups. This fixation will give the necessary shape and securely hold everything in place.
  • In order to make the image harmonious in the presence of a massive bottom and a small chest, purchase a bathing suit, where the top will be decorated with some bright decorative element. For example, a bow. The bottom should be as simple as possible.

[tds_warning]When choosing a swimsuit, pay special attention to prints. If your figure is far from perfect, give up large catchy and overly bright patterns in favor of laconic geometric patterns and vertical stripes. Such a solution will visually stretch the silhouette and help look slimmer on the beach.[/tds_warning]

Accessorizing your beach look

In addition to a successful swimsuit, properly selected accessories will help ladies with an imperfect figure to create a stunning beach look. And now we will tell you in detail how they work.


This remarkable detail of the women’s wardrobe not only perfectly protects the face from the sun, but also helps to look great on the seashore. Without a hat, staying on the beach is simply unthinkable. In addition, she balances the figure if the lady has too wide hips. However, in this case, the model of the headdress should be chosen concise, without large flowers and other decorations. Maximum with a ribbon to match the swimsuit.

Jewelry and accessories

Who said you shouldn’t wear jewelry to the beach? It’s even worth it, especially since they can successfully divert attention from shortcomings. For example, a beach bag can cover imperfect sides, and beads in the color of a swimsuit will make an additional emphasis on the chest. Refined chain bracelets on the legs will also look very good – they will emphasize the grace of the ankle. And, of course, don’t forget your sunglasses.

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Hide variety figure flaws, so you don’t have to blush for them on the beach, the usual pareo will also help. Several interesting ideas by tying it, we will prompt you right now.

  • If you have short legs and broad shoulders, then a pareo tied in the form of a collar around your neck will help to visually correct these shortcomings. Ideally, the length of such an outfit should reach mid-thigh.
  • If you have large breasts in the presence of a miniature figure, then light matter tied around the hips will help to correct the situation. And choose the length of such a “skirt” at your discretion. It can reach both to the knees and to the floor.
  • A pareo tied in the form of a raincoat will help to cover the folds on the sides and mask the excessively protruding parts of the hips. Main part…

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