Effective anti-wrinkle cream: myth or reality

Effective anti-wrinkle cream: myth or reality? It is rather difficult to answer this question unambiguously.

A successful result largely depends on a combination of many factors:

  • when a woman began to take care of her skin – at a young age or already in Balzac, with the appearance of deep wrinkles;
  • is there any genetic predisposition to early skin aging;
  • the quality of cosmetics used by a woman.

But be that as it may, you need to understand that you can’t turn back the clock – not a single cream can completely get rid of age and facial wrinkles. The maximum effect that can be achieved is 10-15%. It was to this figure that German scientists came after examining the 14 most popular anti-wrinkle creams.

In order to get at least these modest percentages, women must be able to understand the composition of the cream. It should be canceled that when choosing cosmetics, you do not need to rely entirely on advertising. These are just selling pseudo-scientific slogans aimed at increasing the profits of manufacturing firms.

Myths about wrinkle creams

The content of collagen, elastin or hyaluronic acid in the cream – substances that ensure the youthfulness of our skin – does not guarantee the effectiveness of this product. The fact is that the molecules of these ingredients are too large. They are unable to overcome the skin barrier. Remaining on the surface, at best, they are washed off at the first contact with water, and at worst, they clog skin pores, which creates additional problems for women. You should know that collagen can only reduce wrinkles in the form of injections.

Some manufacturers use Botox in their creams. However, this substance is completely useless in a cream. Botox can really smooth out wrinkles only when injected. It acts on some muscles of the face, preventing their contraction. As a result, the woman looks noticeably younger. True, it should be noted that the effect of injections is temporary, and the frequent use of Botox atrophies the muscles.

The placenta, as part of an anti-aging cream, should not mislead you. Thanks to steroid hormones, it is really able to rejuvenate aging skin, but in return it will definitely “reward” with a whole bunch of side effects. To date, the use of human placenta for cosmetic purposes is prohibited.

Another trick of advertisers and manufacturers of the beauty industry is royal jelly. Women, as a rule, are happy to purchase creams with natural ingredients. However, as scientists have found out, this substance does not possess any outstanding qualities. And certainly not able to get rid of at least one wrinkle.


The active components of plant stem cells have been used in cosmetics relatively recently. Isolated from different plants, these cells carry different capabilities. Some increase skin turgor, others are able to reduce both barely visible wrinkles and already very noticeable ones. To achieve the desired effect, the content of plant stem cell extracts in the cream should be at least 5%. This product is completely safe and suitable for women over 30.

Phytohormones are very similar to human hormones and are quite safe. In their action and chemical composition, phytohormones are very similar to human estrogen. It is he who helps a woman look young and fresh. To act on wrinkles, phytohormones penetrate deep into the skin, while the concentration of the substance is significantly reduced. In this regard, the content of phytohormones in the cream should be from 30%. Cream with phytohormones is suitable for women over 40 years old.

Miniature molecules of synthesized peptides are a very effective way to get rid of the signs of skin aging. There are two types of synthesized peptides: blockers and stimulants. The former, in the likeness of Botox, prevent muscle contractions, thereby reducing mimic wrinkles. The second – stimulate cell reproduction and collagen production. The only disadvantage of peptides is their high price – about 28 thousand euros per kilogram. The concentration of peptides in the cream should be at least 7%. Peptides are the “heavy artillery” in cosmetology, therefore it is recommended for women over 40 with pronounced wrinkles.

Nanocosmetics is an achievement of recent years. In fact, this is a kind of means of delivering the necessary elements deep into the skin. The components of such cosmetics are nanosomes, only 10 nm in size. Nanosomes are either soluble or insoluble. The first are destroyed, barely reaching the deep layers of the skin, while releasing the vitamins, sugar or hyaluronic acid contained in them. Insoluble nanosomes are mainly used in decorative cosmetics.

Be patient

Throwing off 5-10 years in the blink of an eye is possible only in a fairy tale. Do not be upset if after three or four times the application of the cream you will not notice much improvement. In order for the effect of the cream to be on the face, a month must pass. To be more precise, 28 days. It is this time that our body needs to regenerate new skin cells, taking into account all the vitamins and substances introduced into it.

Another important axiom of success is regularity. No matter how effective your cream is, it will not be of any use if you apply it occasionally. The use of the products you have chosen must completely match the instructions, otherwise it is just a waste.

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