Egg and curd diet Osama Hamdiy: menu for 4 weeks

The Osama Hamdiy Diet is a program that is designed for people weighing 100 kg or more. Depending on the excess weight, it makes it possible to lose from 15 to 25 kg after 4 weeks of strict adherence to it. The diet is one of the most effective and requires willpower and moral readiness from losing weight.

The technique developed by Dr. Osam Hamdiy works extremely productively and quickly, as cardinal changes take place in the body: chemical restructuring of all digestive systems begins, metabolism accelerates, and water, along with harmful salts, is excreted. All this is due to a change in nutrition and a clear establishment of a meal schedule. Since the body receives only healthy light foods (before that, fatty foods were probably preferred at any time of the day), a complete internal change occurs abruptly against the background of getting used to a new diet, the stomach begins to work actively, consuming energy and ridding the body of unnecessary fat deposits. .

A lot of people trusted the famous doctor of sciences and did not regret it: the result was not long in coming, they managed to get rid of 30 kg of excess weight.

Preparing for a Diet

Before starting the painstaking process of losing weight, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules and requirements of the scheme, because the desired result will be visible only after careful preparation.

First of all, it is worth noting that the technique implies two diet options: cottage cheese and egg. But there are a number of general points that must be observed regardless of the option chosen.

  1. In no way can you change the menu, the composition of the products, the order of meals and their time. Strict adherence to the diet is a very important step towards achieving the goal.
  2. A large amount of liquid must be present in the daily diet, namely tea (preferably green), clean drinking warm water, herbal tinctures. Coffee needs to be limited, but it is better to completely eliminate it if you really want to lose weight.
  3. Also, there can be no talk of flour and sweet, vegetable and animal fats.
  4. When cooking, you can use a small amount of salt, pepper and onion.
  5. All vegetables are allowed except potatoes. Preference is given to carrots, beans, eggplant, zucchini and peas.
  6. From fruits, it is recommended to eat watermelons, melons, grapefruits and other citrus and diuretic fruits. Avoid high carbohydrate fruits like bananas, dates, grapes.
  7. Since the menu often does not indicate the estimated amount of food consumed, eat until you are full, but do not overeat.
  8. The main products should be vegetables, eggs, fruits, cottage cheese, meat, fish.


Control measurements and cleansing of the body

After reviewing the main requirements of the system, we weigh ourselves, measure our volumes and decide what numbers we want to achieve at the end of losing weight.

To be fully prepared for change, the day before the start of the diet, it is recommended to cleanse the body by drinking healthy vegetable smoothies (cucumber, spinach), natural green tea or kefir with a fat content of 0%. You also need to purchase vitamins so that the body does not experience a lack of nutrients.

As mentioned above, Osama Hamdiy’s method of losing weight has two options: egg and curd. Both have the same effectiveness, so you can choose the right one based on your preferences.

Egg diet – menu

The egg version of the diet is that for 2 weeks the obligatory dish is two boiled eggs and it is for breakfast. The detailed menu is shown below.

1st week.

Breakfast: the same all week, i.e. 2 eggs and fruit. It could be a pear, an orange.


  • Lunch: fruit in sufficient quantity to saturate (do not overeat!). Currants, apricots (but not dried apricots), cherries, watermelon slices – whatever your heart desires.
  • Dinner: meat fried in water. It should be low-fat (lamb or pork with bacon is prohibited).


  • Lunch: fried chicken meat.
  • Dinner: on this day in the evening we eat quite plentifully: fish, unleavened bread, vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, beans; the combination is up to you), half a citrus fruit.


  • Lunch: tomatoes, butter-free toast, low-fat cheese (cottage cheese or another white variety is an excellent choice).
  • Dinner: fried meat.


  • Lunch: any kind of fruit. We do not limit ourselves in quantity, but we do not overeat either.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, minced meat or fried pieces.


  • Lunch: boiled vegetables, chicken of any cooking method, a small grapefruit / orange.


Despite the fact that the day off has come, we do not allow ourselves any encouragement in honor of a five-day successful meal. Look at a photo of a beauty in a bikini and prepare a meal similar to Thursday evening.


  • Lunch: we do not change the method of cooking vegetables, fresh tomatoes, 1 citrus, chicken.
  • Dinner: boiled broccoli or any other vegetables.


2nd week.

We leave breakfast: fruit and eggs.

AT Monday stand in front of the mirror in the morning, smile and thank yourself for the first week of healthy eating. Now we are getting ready for another one.

  • Lunch: turkey meat or fish, salad.
  • Dinner: a piece of fish, 1 orange.


  • Lunch: meat without fat, vegetables in a salad.
  • Dinner: fruit combined with cottage cheese (approximately 200 g).


  • Lunch: fresh cucumbers and meat fried in a dry frying pan.
  • Dinner: coincides with Tuesday.


  • Lunch: soft cheese or cottage cheese, not canned beans. Possibly peas too.
  • Dinner: our favorite salad, fish.


  • Lunch: here you can savor seafood. We eat either fish or shrimp. Dinner: cottage cheese (we leave the same quantity), fruit.


  • Lunch: cherry tomatoes, meat. orange.
  • Dinner: fruit salad of juicy fruits.


  • Lunch: chicken, tomatoes, 1 citrus.
  • Dinner: similar to lunch.

3rd week.

Do you feel light in your stomach? Continue in the same spirit! The good news will cheer you up: the menu of the third week is more varied.

  • Monday. All day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can eat fruit in any quantity. Again, do not overeat and eat bananas, dried fruits, mangoes. It is better to sit on this diet in the summer, because this is the season for cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, cherries and other very tasty fruits. Such food will even please you. Note that you can eat at any time throughout the week.
  • Tuesday. On this day, we eat any salads and boiled vegetables. Naturally, any salads mean vegetables (but without potatoes). It is clear that Olivier, etc., are prohibited.
  • Wednesday. The menu is the same as the Monday menu, but plus, salads and boiled vegetables are added to the fruits. The time and amount of food consumed is also up to you.
  • Thursday. Today -…

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