Eggplant manicure with design

Eggplant manicure with confidence can be called the most fashionable shade of the coming 2019. Although, of course, this season the whole purple palette as a whole will be worthy of attention. However, it is the juicy and noble eggplant color that will be most in demand among fashionistas. And if you are also a fan of this interesting magical shade, then all attention is on our review. Here we will talk about the most interesting ideas and technologies for creating eggplant nail art, with which you will shine at any party.


A color scheme

But before we get into the ideas for fashion design, let’s talk about color combinations. Indeed, in order for the eggplant nail-art to look the most harmonious, you need to know with which shades it should be combined, and with which it is better not to.

  • Pink. Very often, romantic fashionistas combine a purple palette with pink. And I must say, such a duet looks very good. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all what composition on the nails you decide to recreate, a gradient, a simple alternation, or maybe intricate patterns – it will look gentle and very interesting.

  • Yellow. To create bright and summer nail art, girls often and very successfully combine eggplant and yellow shades with each other. Such a decision will look very unusual and catchy. However, for fashionistas who want to stand out from the crowd, this manicure will be the perfect solution.

  • All shades of purple. Very well, the eggplant shade will be combined with its other counterparts from the purple palette. Indeed, in this case, you can create a very fashionable nail-art in every sense, which will easily fit into any environment.

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Important! In addition to the above shades, white, black, pistachio, burgundy, and beige colors will be perfectly combined with eggplant varnish.


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Best Eggplant Manicure Ideas

Eggplant manicure with a design is very stylish and spectacular. And if you are of the same opinion, then all attention is here, because below we will talk about the most original and popular ideas in this segment of nail art.

  • Floral decor. Of course, this type of design can hardly be called a novelty, but it will never lose its relevance. And first of all in summer and spring, when such prints become the most in demand. Flowers of white, beige, lilac or pinkish shades will look especially feminine and gentle on the nails. If you have a desire to create a catchy and more realistic drawing, then you can add a little greenery to it by drawing the leaves. However, not all masters decide to take this step, preferring to apply eggplant nail-art in a calm palette.

    An unusual option for every day

  • Eggplant manicure plus geometric shapes. Only one thing can be said about this combination – this is a two-in-one fashion trend. Why? Yes, because your pens will be decorated with the most sought-after shade of the season, coupled with an ultra-modern and very stylish design, which fashionistas of absolutely all ages love to turn to. And everything will be limited here only by your imagination and skill.

So, if you are just mastering the art of creating drawings on nails, then try to depict simple geometric shapes, dots or lines on the basis of eggplant color with a contrasting varnish, for example, black or brown. Manicure will still look very interesting. If you have achieved a certain skill in this field, then try to create something more complex and multi-colored by combining several shades at once, the brightest of which will, of course, be eggplant.

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Important! In order to make your evening look more luxurious, create an eggplant-colored manicure with a dark varnish pattern on your nails. Such nail-art will look a little magical and at the same time very rich. Plus, it goes well with almost any evening dress in a dark shade.


  • Broken glass. Eggplant manicure combined with broken glass technique will be very popular in 2019. Moreover, there may be several options for performing here. Especially bold women of fashion can cover all the nails with a multi-colored mosaic. And the more restrained ones are ready to be content with the effect of broken glass on one or two fingers. However, both types of design look interesting in their own way. Naturally, the “glasses” and the base should be of different shades so as not to merge with each other.
  • Rhinestones. An eggplant manicure with rhinestones will look very luxurious and pompous. There are no special requirements for laying stones here. However, it should be remembered that nail-art in a rich eggplant color is very self-sufficient in itself, so an excessively large number of crystals can simply ruin it. But a moderate sheen on one or two fingers, on the contrary, will betray him even greater majesty.

Beautiful holiday manicure

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Important! If you think that eggplant manicure should be worn only with decor, then you are deeply mistaken. This shade looks very good in monochrome. By the way, this nail art is perfect for short nails.


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  • Cat eye. The cat’s eye will add mysticism to this already bewitching manicure. Mysterious glare on the coating of a purple hue will not leave indifferent any fashionista. Therefore, if you are still thinking about what to change your New Year’s nail design to, then this nail art will be a great solution for you. Don’t believe? Take a look at the photo below.
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  • Rubbing. Another technique that fits perfectly into an eggplant-colored manicure. By themselves, nails with a mirror finish look incredibly beautiful. And if you combine eggplant varnish with a rub with a golden sheen, then the result will exceed all expectations.

  • Glitters. Glitter manicure is a timeless fashion trend that ladies of all ages are turning to in one way or another. It is good to go to a party with glitter on your nails, and in some cases you can create quite discreet office nail-art. If you want something more expressive that will go well with an eggplant manicure, then just cover a couple of nails with gold glitter, as in the photo below. At the same time, you will get a very interesting result that you will not get tired of for a long time.

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Important! An eggplant manicure in a matte finish will look very unusual and rich.


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As you can see from the photo that we presented in our article, eggplant manicure is nail-art for all occasions. And women of fashion who are fond of feng shui also claim that it creates harmony in all …

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