Elasticity and elasticity of the skin with the help of pressure therapy

Pressotherapy is a completely painless and comfortable procedure that not only improves the appearance and relieves muscle tension, but also helps to increase immunity, stress resistance and normalize sleep.

An excellent alternative to manual and hardware methods of body shaping is pressotherapy. It is able to restore water balance much more effectively, increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, cope with cellulite, local fat deposits and help in the fight against excess weight. Lymphatic drainage massage, which actually is pressotherapy, can be an excellent assistant in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, and getting rid of swelling. In Hi-tech Cosmetology it is possible to take a course of pressotherapy procedures at prices that will please many – promotions and discounts are also constantly held.

In the pressotherapy procedure, special clothes with elastic cuffs are used, including boots, a wide belt, hand gloves, through which computer-controlled compressed air is supplied. With the help of alternating pressure levels, a massage occurs, which stimulates the work of the lymphatic and circulatory systems of the body. Wave-like air circulation helps to act simultaneously on different parts of the body. As a result, the body gets rid of stagnation of intercellular fluid, toxins, fat deposits.which is the cause of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage massage includes processes that improve blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate tissue hypoxia, and activate the internal reserves of the body.

The duration of the procedure is no more than forty-five minutes, and the mode of exposure is selected according to the individual characteristics of the person. After the first sessions, patients observe a noticeable effect: reduction of edema and visible blood vessels, improvement of skin color and an incredible surge of vigor. The removal of excess fluid is comparable to potent diuretics, but dehydration of the body after lymphatic drainage massage is completely excluded. It is recommended to conduct 10-15 sessions with an interval of two to three days. To consolidate the result, the course should be repeated after six months, according to an individual scheme.

The main contraindications for pressotherapy are diseases of the liver, kidneys, fragility of the joints, thrombosis of blood vessels, arthritis, endarteritis, pregnancy and lactation, blood clotting disorders, menstrual flow, diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases, heart failure, acute inflammatory processes or open wounds. If lymphatic drainage procedures using electrical stimulation, ultrasound or electrophoresis are contraindicated for the patient, pressure massage can be performed in a more gentle mode. Pressotherapy sessions perfectly complement thalassotherapy and mesotherapy.

Pressotherapy is a completely painless and comfortable procedure, which not only improves appearance and relieves muscle tension, but also helps to increase immunity, stress resistance and normalize sleep.

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