Eleven tips for updating your wardrobe

You can look stylish and expensive without spending too much money. All you need is a few helpful tips to update your wardrobe. And the result will not keep you waiting. Your image will become more elegant and expressive.

Elegant black

If you’re not good with trendy colors and don’t know which look suits you best, opt for black. It is a practical and versatile color. Black color, regardless of the type of fabric, allows you to look really chic.

Do not be afraid that this way your image may be boring. Thanks to the large assortment on the market, you can use models with different textures. And to complete the look, focus on bright lipstick and shoes.

noble white

The white color has the same powerful power. Shades of white and beige help create a truly noble image. The emphasis here is on shoes. It is better to choose models in dark colors.


The easiest way to update your look is to add jewelry. The main thing to remember is that it is better to use less jewelry than to go too far with them. Do not use too large, they will only make the image heavier. It is better to give preference to modest elegant jewelry. For example, a thin bracelet, narrow rings and chains. Such accessories will bring lightness and elegance.

Care and cleaning

To keep the beauty of shoes longer, try to take good care of them. No matter how much it costs, it must be kept in perfect condition. Regular cleaning will keep your shoes looking like new.

Pair of scarves

This is the most interesting way. It is enough to have a few thin scarves in your wardrobe. Changing them every time, you will always look elegant and sophisticated. Unusual blouses and open shoulders will add elegance.

massive necklaces

The main thing in appearance is accessories. Even the simplest things will sparkle with new colors if you add a few large decorations to them. Various necklaces and chains are suitable here. Just be sure to follow the basic rule – beauty is in simplicity. Do not overdo it with a large number of products.

royal blue

Blue color gives the appearance of royal chic. He is easy to spot in a crowd. Many celebrities wear it on the red carpet. Since ancient times, this color has been a symbol of luxury and wealth. Simple calm colors combined with blue will create an interesting and harmonious look.

vintage brooches

The brooch is a fashionable weapon of all time. This simple accessory can greatly transform ordinary clothes. Just one detail – and you look noble and fabulous. The brooch is placed near the collar. In this case, neck jewelry is not needed.

Elegant belt

The use of belts makes a lot of sense. They help to emphasize the waist and beautiful curves of the figure. It is best to choose light colors. They look gentle and noble.

Stylish glasses

The most necessary accessory in modern life is glasses. Many popular stars shine in images, complemented by stylish glasses. Now on the market there are a large number of different models. You can choose what suits your clothes. It is not necessary to buy expensive branded glasses. Their main task is to look cool and unusual.

Loose shirt

This trend has been around for a long time. Now you do not need to completely tuck the edges of shirts and blouses into trousers or a skirt. They can be released from the front. This technique gives the image a slight negligence and makes the legs visually longer. Moreover, the effect is achieved without adding additional things.

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